Wednesday, March 23, 2011 ponts (sic)

Dear Friends:

Re: Who Wins, Who Loses. ( A pont is a happy mis-typing for 'point'. On an audio, JBJ made a statement, I almost typed point, that out time is one of points of knowledge. I prefer 'pont,' as in bridge.)

1--Goldman, in Science Wars, says that science CANNOT have necessary and certain truth. He founded the discipline.

Science Wars: What Scientist Know and How They Know It.

2--'Science is that arm of the church (arm of the church) in which we are allowed to attempt to find out how much can be learned by treating the universe as dead (universe as dead). (parentheses mine). A paraphrase of ERH.

But the universe is alive.

So to argue 'science' as if it had necessary and certain truth seems counterproductive.

Consider the scientific method (the art form of this layer of civilization, this era) as compared to liturgy, his mother. Newton sees the apple fall, or it hit him. Called. He thinks, 'I don't know how that works, but I can find out' Cleansed. He consults the books of nature and of previous investigation. Consecration. The hypothesis is tested. Communion. The theory is taken out to help. Commission.

Someone once told me: YOU might see that. (paraphrase).

The bigger question is applying a covenant sequence oriented toward the earth beneath, we, made of world by Breath. We have the orientation toward the (name in the) heavens above in liturgy, and toward the (numbers in the) waters under the earth in the scientific method.

Fill in the blanks, and we will have achieved the wonderfulness of tribal life, without perpetual war, peace the explicit reconciliation of opposites.

Love in King Jesus,


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