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TSOCHI Symphony49A Overture

TSOCHI Symphony49A Overture

Next:  12 days with each respective one's Question, and Crossing, and Person.  Then the order of singing.

Love in King Jesus,  Chuck

OVERTURE  :  R just wants to be heard. It’s a difficult situation. [Until the app, conduct your symphony this way]
A R is a co-worker, a Bernie Sanders supporter (even at precinct), frequents Catholic Worker House, a vegetarian, a runner, an ‘occupier’.  I asked R what R wanted, and R said ‘We just want to be heard’
B As 11 other ‘days’ interact with R over the course of 5 weeks, R will learn and be taught to solo, and to help others solo, in a version of the art form, The Symphony Of Comprehensive History Interactive.
C We’ll go through a 5 step sequence, echoing Rosenstock’s view of the Revolutions of the West. See  summary of same at chuckhartmanhistoryconductor.
D We pray that the ‘or’ of (light, Hebrew) of R will be the ‘ur’ (beginning, base, foundation, Hebrew) of R’s help in building the ‘ir’ (community, city). Each day initiates toward each other day in each movement
E It would be better if this were like the chant that Rosenstock holds in ‘Magna Carta Latina’ was how men did when they first cried out to God. E’ And also an imperative stem, again in ‘MCL’ that Rosenstock  held was a short form of all Latin verb forms.
D’ Let R’s aria of words or verbs reach the ear of the era so she hearkens. Hartman will either articulate an initiation of a universe each day at work for several months, or respond as one of the days initiated toward for several months. Work and think (learn to pray) pretending to be a group meeting as a tabernacle around a table.
C’ Other 5-steps will be appropriately mixed in to Rosenstock’s Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, Objective, and Planetary Service, such as those for liturgy and scientific method, and more, which Hartman claims are related respectively to The Heavens Above, and The Waters Under The Earth, so that, as Psalm Tone D is sung, Rosenstock’s ‘Universal History 1954’ statement that the next era will be one emphasizing ‘socio-‘ words, or as Hartman articulates, The Earth Beneath, people made of dirt/dust, interacting.
B’ The 12 ‘days,’ with respective persons, North Questions (‘R’ just wants to be heard) and Jordan Crossings will be shown next, followed by the order of seeking/singing each week,  and this will lead to training conductors, and also to the Final Cause of Tsochi49a’s conductor, a proposed next institution, Godparents For Society/Levir, an exponential move. Hartman’s 5 to fit into Rosenstock’s schema are Imperative: TSOCHI, Subjective: How To Make Your Communities Better, Narrative Calendar—House f Singing Times, 371 and Objective: 153 Culture, Planetary Service: Godparents For Eldsters. [As R’s plaint is writ large, so does Hartman’s GFE become GFS. Search ’Better Summary chuckhartmanhistoryconductor’.
A’ So as Hartman listened to his co-worker, and spoke/sang, this echoes the ‘poiema’/poem (Rosenstock) of Ephesians 2: 8-10, the poem becoming a poet. About 90 pages of interactions, a fill-in-the-blanks version being at https://sites.google.com/site/thesymphonyofhistorytsochi/fill-in-the-blanks-version-opus-49-s-a-n-e-sing-a-new-era.
 SYMPHONY SUMMARY  : Thus R is heard as he learns to pray as a member of the Heavenly Council, using the words and forms given in the Word, as GodTrinity wants us, toward maturation in redemptive history in the Holy War against the devil and his angels (‘The devil is God’s devil’: Luther). Players, Composers, conductors (electricity, trains, orchestras…) who come after will do better, all Lord willing. {Won't it be nice/nike to have players in symphonies all over the planet, helpingly interacting toward better conducting the era!?]
--Notes to be added.

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