Saturday, March 31, 2012

Toward A New Language Of Peace

Peace is the explicit reconciliation of opposites.

Well...the idea of the Jordan 49 Jubilee Calendar was that it would produce new things.

The basis of that is the history of new things produced by a on in 7 days worship, which dethroned all other gods, for The One True God created everything in 6 days and rested on the 7th--and the Trinity, He is good.

This House Of Singing Times starts at Resurrection, and goes unto the next Resurrection, maturing us as we fight the Holy War against the devil and all his angels, in redemptive history.

One new thing, I pray, made or remembered this week is that a lot of 7s can be rhymed, unto new language. Consider the leviticus of Leviticus. That is, given the 49 book Bible, arranged in 7 tiaras (tiers) echoing the 7 Days, what is the third book of the third tiara (crownlet)?

And then there are other 7s. Chakras, Roman sacraments, levels of consciousness, organs, systems such as blood and nerves...what the Tabernacle represents.

And if they aren't there, perhaps they are perturbations, such that we can find new planets by the influences of the others.

And WE are the social firmament now: Ephesians 2:6.

In anticipation of week (sheba=oath, 7) 49, the omegalphic Bequeathing unto the Alphomegic Receiving, on this SmyrnsYMMM! (SmyrnaBmoY!), SmyrnaCoram861, Love in King Jesus, Chuck

Tabernacle of the mouth, like reflexology
Sounds made at certain parts of the mouth toward certain organs, levels of consciousness, a la Hindus at Maharishi and blood pressure-like measurements when Sanskrit is pronounced


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