Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wow! A next layer of social order in history. Developing.

I'm working on a SHORT plan to do in this era what the one-in-7-days worship did, per ERH, I think, namely, amened that The One True God made all that stuff that empires worshiped--stars, sun, moon, planets. It's long term, and pro-active, as they say. One part of it is to NOT wait until and event, and then remember it, but to make a calendar/schedule FIRST, and let things develop, as things developed out of this worship, namely the institution of the Church, and then the Christian state, and then the university, and the scientific method (covenant applied to the waters under--number--as liturgy applied covenant to heavens above). Oddly, I've done this in a small way to produce The Pella Square out of a circumcision walk around the square comparing the Heidelberg Catechism to the 'care' my Mom got. And out of this came Rescue Teams, Cure Teams, Godparents for Eldsters. It ain't easy. Its another layer, unto a next social order. Ora pro meum (is that the right Latin?)

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