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How To Organize GreaterThings Multi-Generational BigProjects

How To Organize GreaterThings Multi-Generational BigProjects

GRABBER: As the first to step foot on Mars, we, The Smith Family Project, amenclaim Mars, her moons and spaces, for King Jesus as lawful delegated agents of the Trinitarian God of the Bible, to be governed by His Word.

Let's compare two types of stewardship.

One Pastor Alcorn response to The Challenge of Stewardship to work for minimum wage, and donate all else.
Let’s look at another possible alternative: The Victory-HouseBuilding Pattern. Could it get us to ‘Mars’?
VHBP: The Victory-HouseBuilding Pattern
God defeats the enemies of His people. With the spoils, His people build Him a house. He moves in, lights the fire and His people administer.
[If His people refuse to administer, He makes the wander in the wilderness.].
One Big Example of the VHBP is the Lesser Exodus. God defeats the Egyptians, Spoils are Moses’ wisdom, and Bezaleel’s, military equipment washed up on the shore of the Red Sea, etc. Tabernacle is the house, the fire is on the altar. [Kadesh-Barnea = refusal = 40 years].
Jesus defeats the enemies of His people. The church in all creation is the house. Jesus takes His seat, and we with Him: Eph 2:6, Satan is cast out, the Holy Ghost comes on Pentecost. Then Matthew 28.
[Will we refuse to administer?]
The monks of ‘poverty, chastity, obedience’ did NOT refuse to administer. Every monastery was founded in some ‘desert,’ a liability to be turned into an asset, as was done at the cross. A swamp was to be drained, a forest was to be cleared, etc. The monks became rich. Paul Johnson in History of Christianity says that it was a scandal, about every 100 years. Peace eventuated.
What applications are there of this today? (1) Don’t give away your seed capital. (2) In the Promised Land, when we were children, God provided a vine and fig tree for each family, wells that they had not dug, houses that they had not built, etc. We adults are called to hear what He would have us administer.[3] There are other examples of the VHBP. [4] One proposal would be for each family/covenantal unit to find some liability to ‘asset,’ some desert to make flower.
What could be some examples/liabilities into assets, not vice versa/cross? The dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico. The Texas-sized ocean of plastic between Hawaii and Japan. Mars. The Marianas Trench. Any cubic mile of sea. Back-exegeting Job 38:7, so as to find out what the morning stars sang, and what the angels shouted. TIME, The 7 years surrounding A. D. 5000—assuring that the right covenant under the Trinitarian God of the Bible is rightly enforced (KolCoram – SmyrnaCoram 1297). Or, ‘here’s a nice little heptad in the A. D. 23rd century’ [Whatever talent He gives you to find—we are adults now, in Christ! Help, Diaconate!] GTMGBP outlast many civil magistrates. Mine? ‘Organ’ize next era/’time’ing. [‘JV’ed +]
So the Smith Family covenants under Matthew 28 to amenclaim Mars for King Jesus as lawful delegated agents of the Trinitarian God of the Bible, in 7 generations (280 years). There would be covenant renewing, and maybe ‘sunsetting’ (?). (What covenant do we renew weekly, by CRW structure and explicit word? The Smiths would be very explicit). Stewardship.

Now, some speculation. Difficult to follow, but it DOES follow!

I’d like to buy a ‘koin.’ What is a 'koin? {The pun on koinonia/fellowship is intentional)

Each such GTMGBP could have a present discounted value of one million dollars. I offer to by one one-millionth for $1. Call it a participation, a koinonia. That could help finance a GreaterThings Multi-Generational BigProject.

I'm giving alternatives.

So could ‘upermoney’ notes. Start your business. Make a million a year. People satisfied with 5% on their money will pay you 20X cash flow. Sell 40%, or $400,000 a year of cash flow, then, for 8 million. Keep control with the other 60%. That’s being exponential, an exponent of greater things, in servant capitalism. [Bad money? ‘Coin’ your own supermoney. Also see Walton, Gates, Rothschild, Google guys, Facebook guy, Rockfeller (pollutant to fuel of civilization/‘modern’ corp.), and many + others]

So the Great Christian Era, marked by liabilities being turned into assets, is marked by such life-making ‘koin’ above. We can also use dead metal, dead saints, dead Presidents to administer that part of the creation that God has given one to administer.

Money is a form of speech.

Love in King Jesus,

Charles Howard (Chuck) ‘Can’t ‘guilt’ a tither’ Hartman Hebrews 10:24
PS: I'm saying that if we DON'T have GreaterThings, God will give them to others.
PPS: This is an improvement on what I wrote many months ago, I pray.

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