Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It Can Help YOU, What I'm Working On--Here's How And Why

Working on helping organize a better conducting of a next layer of social order in history...whew!! What I mean is that by worshiping every 7 days, Israel of Old and the New Israel amened in action that The One True God had made all the sun, moon, stars, planets that the empires worshiped, and thus the Israel conquered the empires. Now we have a tougher situation, we are faced with more mature challenges, so I'm working with 49, as in Jubilee, that Jesus said in Luke 4 had been fulfilled in their ears. By using a 49-book Bible, in seven 7s, the books being literarily conceived, so that Kings in one book--which it is, it's too long to get onto one scroll, same with Samuel, Jer-Lam, The Twelve is one book, and Greater Chronicles to include Ezra-Nehemiah, we can do it. And much else is 'rhymed' into one. So, as the Christian State came from the Church, and the University, and the scientific method (Berman, Law and Revolution), so another can come from 49. . Starting with the Core History of Humanity's Childhood (on my wall on Facebook), from Creation to 4000 Anno Mundi (Year of the World) and more. , Chuck PS: Send email for grids, because I haven’t figured out how to get Word documents on the web. I also use the Rosetta Stone of Time, thinking that the past and the present and the future are all telling us the same thing, but using 3 different languages, and that we need to work on listening to the future.

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