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Hologram Bible--More

In reply to someone who said he would like to see this: Bible as Hologram
From Bible Wheel: )
After dinner he spent some time with the holoscope, studying Elias's most precious possession: the Bible expressed as layers at different depths within the hologram, each layer according to age. The total structure of Scripture formed, then, a three dimensional cosmos that could be viewed from any angle and its contents read. According to the tilt of the axis of observation, differing messages could be extracted. Thus Scripture yielded up an infinitude of knowledge that ceaselessly changed. It became a wondrous work of art, beautiful to the eye, and incredible in its pulsations of color. Throughout it red and gold pulsed, with strands of blue.
Philip K. Dick: The Divine Invasion, pg. 69

[Should have added that The Pella Square developed from a seed, as the institutions of Christendom did from the every 7 days worship, and Herovolution]
[Also, offer the Big JUMBLED Paper]

Dear Joel:

PART of what I'm doing may help to eventually bring about something that could possibly lead to a hologarm-like representation.

I realize that this is very vague, but I'll explain a little, please?

It's based on JBJ, in a context of JBJ and ERH. ERH first. Chapter 5 of Gardner's 'Beyond Belief' does a great job of summarizing the revolutions of the West, in terms of Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, and Objective phases. [John Barach has written to me that Rich Bledsoe's essay in 'The Glory of Kings' deals with this].

JBJ next. In 'Crisis, Opportunity, and the Christian Future' he limns 4 covenantal sequence steps: Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact leading to new Torah.

That’s the background. Within that background, I’m hoping that the following work will help lead to the better conducting of a next layer of social order in history, toward peace. Why? Because we are in a 5th generation warfare time, when nets (networks) and jets make it very easy for a small group or even one person to be very destructive. Think biowar, smallpox, etc. carried around the world rapidly via jet planes—and no hierarchy with which to negotiate the cessation of this, for it was done via a small network of people.

So far we have a sequence that could lead to something new, and a new situation that must be combated. We have Imp-Subj-Narr-Obj, and Law-Lyric-Evaluation-Fact unto new Torah.

I’m about done with the introduction. I do have a small, JUMBLED paper that puts forth much more.

Right now I will concentrate on listing some of the parts of a proposed sequence, and then listing many of the 4th part, which 4th part could lead to something like the hologram Bible. Yes, I am going in reverse!

At the very end I will give two more reasons why this might work.

Now to the gist. JBJ has, emphasized the centrality of the Creation Days throughout the Bible, and for our purposes ‘Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament’: is a key move.

It’s a key move because it leads us to a 49 book Bible, literarily conceived. This rhymes, resonates with the Jubilee, the spirit of the Jubilee, which stays with us even after the expiration of that economy (WCF). I believe that the other four 7s of were outlined in some Auburn Avenue audios.

Remember, we’re trying to get to something more holographic.

Step 1—Put these seven 7s in a grid, one one page.

Step 2—Rhyme things with them.

3—A first rhyme adds ‘7’ seasons, based on the Beatitudes and Woes (and other things).

4—A second rhyme is the liturgy, written through the year. Public Vindication is A. D. 70, The Battle Of The Mountain Of Festival Assembly (TBOTMOFA) would be next, applying in many situations, but here, I’d suggest, conversion of Constantine. Totus Christus might be the effective Christianization of Europe—Ultima Thule, Iceland, Gregory VII. That’s subject to more mature division, but we know that history is liturgy in some sense, it is our service to Gott, and Gottesdienst. These holiday weeks are mountains in time, and the 49 are the plains.

5—Add another retuning of the 7x7, per the principles of JBJ’s Revelation work, re: 5:12-7:12, and we have another layer of Bible, the one by which I name the weeks, or each sheba (7, oath).

6—Rename the days of the week according to the social firmament, Eph. 2:6. (Our present days are the 7 planets by distance from the earth, retuned by circle of 5th to the days-of-the-week order, essentially). But ‘we’ are the stars now, and I plug in the churches in revelation, including Jerusalem (8) as with 7, which is ‘earth’ too. Self-referential, a higher level of consciousness.

7—Add Psalm O Day—this lines out.

8—Add Prayer O Day (an ERHish ‘12 Tones of the Spirit.’)

9—Somewhere in Elder Roorda’s files related to Opus 22 of The Symphony of History [T.S.O.H.]is a list of 30 rhymes. My computer crashed, and all could not be recovered.

10—And enough for now is that the other 3 parts of my 4-parter, toward peace, also rhyme with House Of Singing Times [H.O.S.T] as I at first named the Jordan 49 Jubilee Calendar—the one HOST being as the garments of the high priest were to the tabernacle, as he was lying down on his back, inside out in TSOH. And the years aren’t adequately claime, so I name them after the days of the week, retuned with the true social firmament. So we have day of week, week, season, year, and number of the 7 year period, or heptad, since creation. [Yowser, someone, Myss, has ‘rhymed’ the energy medicine chakras with the 7 sacraments, and a friend of mine and I are working on a 7 consciousness, a la Steiner. This is even more speculative, and could go to smaller parts.] {I also add other holidays into The Jordan 49 Jubilee Calendar.}

Remember that this is tentative, hypothetical, outside any ecclesiastical structure, not in competition with Church Years, or educational calendars, or community calendars, or work schedules or calendars—these based, in reverse, on the respective social orders of empire, tribe, Greece, and Israel.

NOW: The two more reasons why this might work are these. 1—By worshiping every 7 days Israel of Old and the New Israel conquered empires. How? Because this was action as speech. This action said that the CreatorTrinity made all those astronomical and astrological objects upon which the empires based their worship. The worship of the empires was inadequate, when compared to that of The One True God Trinity, for He had made those objects. 2—Is there a resonance with this 7 that could help do the same thing in this time? I think so. It’s an exponentialization of 7, a 7 squared, a 49. For Jesus, in Luke 4, declared that the Jubilee had been fulfilled in their ears. Via Is. 61, and Lev. 25, I believe. Can we have action that is speech, atop, resonation with the worship every 7 days? The Jordan (doubly eponymic—JBJ and the judicial boundary of the Promised Land) 49 Jubilee Calendar rhymed above).

The Jordan 49 Jubilee Calendar amens that Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Peace is the explicit reconciliation of opposites (ERH). And see
"The history of the human race is written on a single theme: How does love become stronger than death? The composition is recomposed in each generation by those whose love overcomes murdering or dying. So history becomes a great song, Augustine's Carmen Humanum. As often as the lines rhyme, love has once again become stronger than death. This rhyming, this connecting, is men's function on earth. But that this is our function we have only known since the birth of Christ." - Sociology II, p. 759

Surely a 4 x 12 could be done, and a 5 x 10, maybe even a 17 x3. That would be for later.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: My Imperative is Comprehensive Beauty, my Subjective is The Pella Square, my Narrative is The Symphony of (Peace) History, and my Objective is The Jordan 49 Jubilee Calendar. This latter, as an idea, proleptically recapitulates all, and at the end has dressed/beautified the Garden Creation unto A New Song that glorified exnihilation. We started with Opus 3 after I listened to JBJ on Exodus, and now we have worked on it after JBJ on Revelation.
PPS: I have this in about 60 pages so far JUMBLED.
PPPS: One of the neat thing I did not mention that I rhymed was the 4000 years or so from Creation to A. D. 70. This is the Core History of Humanity’s Childhood, with Delay coming to be very prominent. Adult 49ing would be from A. D. 70 to now. Elder 49ing would be Creation to Now, and Ancient (I add this to ERH’s categories above) includes The Rosetta Stone of Time, that is, that we are communicated with by the Past, and the Present, and the Future, three languages, as the Rosetta Stone had 3. We are to be more engaged in figuring out the Future language now. To that end, I have taken Western Civilization to be a Lectionary Chronological Historical, and go from 854 to 3170.
PPPPS: In all these we are at week 48 now, of the CORAM: Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi, which goes from Resurrection to resurrection, and wonderfully enough, in the retuned 49, ends at Exodux Sheba (week), for in imago Christi, we are to accomplish our decease/’exodos’ (sic). The Greek used behind the ‘decease’ here is ‘exodos’:
Luk 9:31
Who 3739 appeared 3700 in 1722 glory 1391, and spake 3004 of his 846decease 1841 which 3739 he should 3195 accomplish 4137 at 1722Jerusalem 2419.

A wee sip. This is PergamosCoram861 below. March 31, A. D. 2013 is Celebration of Resurrection/Easter and Starts EphesusCoram861
1—Apr 8,
A. D. 2012
Hebrews 2—Apr 15
Titus 3—Apr 22
1st Timothy 4—Apr 29
1 Thess 5—May 6
Phlmn 6--May 13
2 Tim. 7—May 20
2 Thess. 1 B/W + (poor in spirit) [ Matt. 23 woes]
8—May 27
Colossians 9—Jun 3
Eph 10—June 10
[A—June 17, PV]
2. Cor [A—June 17, PV]
11—June 24
Romans 12—July 1
Phllp 13—July 8
Galat 14—July 15
1 Corinthians 2 B/W+
15—July 22
3 John 16—July 29
Jude 17—August 5
1 Peter 18—August 12
1 John 19—Aug 19
2 John 20—Aug 26
2 Peter 21—Sep 2 [B—September 9, TBOT-MOFA]
James 3 B/W+

[B—September 9, TBOT-MOFA]]
22—September 16
23—Sept 23
24—September 30
25—October 7
26—Oct 14
27—Oct 21
28—October 28
4 B/W+
--hunger and thirst
29—Nov 4
The Twelve 30—Nov 11
Dan. 31—Nov 18
Jer-Lam 32—Nov 25
[TC #1—Dec 2 TC #2—Dec 9]
Isaiah [TC #1—Dec 2 TC #2—Dec 9]
33—Dec 16
Esther 34—Dec 23
Ezekiel 35—December 30
Kings 5 B/W+ [merci-ful]
36--January 6. A. D. 2013
Ecclesiastes 37—Jan 13
Prov. 38—January 20
Psalms 39—January 27
Samuel 40—Feb 3 [EAT]
Song 41—Feb 3
[EAT]Job 42 Feb 3
[EAT] Ruth 6 B/W+
Pure in heart

43—Feb 10
Judges 44—Feb 17
Deut. 45—Feb 24
Leviticus 46—March 3
Genesis 47—Mar 10
Joshua 48—Mae 17
Numb. 49—Mar 24
Exodus 7 B/W+
pers., pers.

[The 'grid' aspect of the one-page calendar did NOT come through. Email me at and I will send a copy of the above with the grid. It's important.}

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