Monday, March 19, 2012

Articulating 'Our Response' in Church Year to Life of Christ--and why

We are definitely becoming neo-tribal, for the promises of justice and sound money for the elderly have failed. We must do it in such a way that we have small, enthusiastic groups, and that we avoid the perpetual warfare of the tribes. We've done it (for a time) for empires without slavery, and God's People without exclusiveness. Kyrie Eleison. And 5th generation warfare, where networks (even single persons) can spread biowar and other destructions world-wide quickly via jet planes (nets and jets--with a net, who can surrender?), is even more dangerous. We must rely on Him in Whom all things cohere, but in a more articulated way. Let's start by articulating better 'our response' to the life of Christ, in the Church Year. Example: Around 22 to 27? weeks in 'our response'. Could there be some numerical helps?

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