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A Great Big New Project: Homesteading An Era Of Time

A Great Big New Project: Homesteading An Era Of Time

I pray you'll like this.

And you can help too.

{The grid did not come through. It's neat. It makes a lot of difference. Email me at edencity@aol.com for a copy. Free, of course.)

I'm homesteading a next era--a social order of peace. In homesteading, one files on the land, stakes it out (or vice versa), and then improves it for 5 years and lives on it, and then owns it.

To homestead a next era, I follow a 4-fold covenant pattern, JBJ's. Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact unto new Torah. And ERH's. Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, Objective taken to the planet.

1--Comprehensive Beauty, 2--The Pella Square, 3--The Symphony of (Peace) History, 4--Jordan 49 Jubilee Calendar.

I'll be defining this by extension, that is, I start with a part and add on. All of them are on the web already in some form.

I start with the 49 Calendar because ERH said that Israels of Old and the New Israel both conquered astronomical/astrological empires by worshiping one in 7. By doing this the amened in action that The One True God MADE all those things that the empires worshiped (stars, planets, sun, moon) in 6 days and rested on the 7th. Thus our God was and is superior.

From this came institutions engendered by the church, such as the Christian State, the University, etc. I say too the Scientific Method, as the covenant applied to the waters under the earth, i, e. that arm of the church that is allowed to investigate to find out how much can be learned by treating the universe as dead. (ERH).

Now we are in another situation, and we need exponentially better amens, for we are more mature, and God gives us greater challenges.

I propose that we add 7x7 to 7, and use 49. This is both from JBJ's Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament (22 books, not 39, literarily conceived) and from Jesus' statement in Luke 4 that the prophecy of the Jubilee (Is. 61, Lev. 25) is fulfilled in their ears.

We amen the Jubilee, the spirit of it being applied.

Great institutions will come from this, but I don't know which. We do know what happened with amening worship one in 7. And I have produced The Pella Square over the years since 2006 in a similar way, by working at it. [I claim that The Pella Square is to community discipling what the Romans Road and/or the 4 Spiritual Laws are to individual evangelism. Bledsoe: Every town should do this.

This is getting too long. I write, in the 49 Calendar, a 7x7 grid across the year, Resurrection (Easter/Pascha), using JBJ's 7 sets of 7 heptamerous chiasms of books.

But to start, I will just do the 4000 years (plus) of Ussher's, and better Jordan's from Biblical Chronology, in the 7x7, approximately 81 years per--and a few changes to make it 'rhyme'.

This is the 46th week, and the 4th (I go backward and forward).

What happened in the respective periods of time, which are these...3676 AM to 3757 AM, going forward, and 324 AM to 243 AM going backward.Subtract from 3930 to get the B. C. dates. We're looking for major person born or died or flourished, the covenant, and major events. We go through the 4000 years in a year, then. Since JBJ says that there was an 80 year Delay, we must weave this information into our weekly summaries. The chronology is the skeleton, other things such as persons, events, covenants, are the bone, muscle, blood vessels, etc. of the body of time.

Who were them main persons who were born, or died? What covenant was in force? What were the main events?

Here's the basic Core History of Humanity's Childhood 7x7 grid.


Learn Bible Chronology Weeky Through The Year
Host9736LectionaryHistoricalOneMostlyChildPergamosCoram861 (A. D. 2012-2013)
[Please imagine a grid of boxes, 7x7. #1 is on the upper left, and #8 on the upper right. #8 is on the left of the second row (tier, tiara) down, and #14 is on the right. This continues until # 49 is on the lower right.]
Apr 8
A. D.
1+49, 81 Apr 15
2+48, 162 AM Apr 22
3+47, 243 April 29
4+46, 324 AM May 6
5+45, 405 May 13
6+44, 486 AM May 20
7+43, 567
May 27
8+42, 648

June 3
9+41, 729 June 10
10+40, 810
PV after

June 24
11+39, 891

PV before
12+38, 972 July 8 13+37, AM 1053 July 15
AM 1134
July 22
15+35, AM 1215
July 29
16+34, AM 1296 Aug 5
17+33, AM 1377 Aug 12
18+32, AM 1458 Aug 19
AM 1539 Aug 26
20+30, AM 1620 Sep 2
21+ 29, 1701
Sep 16
22+28, 1782
before Sep 23
23+27, AM 1863 Sep 30
24+26, AM 1944 Oct 7
25, AM 2025
(plus 31)
AM 2056 Oct 14
AM 2137 Oct 21
27+23, AM 2218 Oct 28
28+22, AM 2299
Nov 4
29+21, AM 2380
Nov 11
30+20, AM 2461 Nov 18
31+19, AM 2542 Nov 25
32+18, 2623
(2 weeks of TC) Dec 16
AM 2704 Dec 23
34+16, AM 2785 Dec 30
AM 2866
Jan 6
A. D. 2013
36+14, 2947
Jan 13
37+13, AM 3028 Jan 20
38+12, AM 3109 Jan 27
39+11, AM 3190 Feb 3
40+10, AM 3271 Feb 3
41+9, AM 3352 Feb 3
42+8, 3433
Feb 10
43+7, AM 3514
Feb 17
44+6, AM 3595 Feb 24
AM 3676 Mar 3
46+4, AM 3757 Mar 10
AM 3838 Mar 17
AM 3919 Mar 24 A. D. 2013, 49+1,

Ussher is on Google Books, here: http://books.google.com/books/about/The_Annals_of_the_World.html?id=VrHER1jYzhIC

This is the beginning. It is, I say, the child part of humanity. Adult would get into the @ 40 years per block in this 7x7 grid that is from A. D. 70 to present. Elder would do the 121 from Creation to now, per block. An Ancient would do all of these and at least extend the grid on the other side of now for an equal time period, more 121s. For ERH said that it is heresy to say that the past and present cause the future, rather, the past and the future cause the present. Another way to hear this is via a Temporal Rosetta Stone. All 3 are speaking to us, saying the same thing (!?), but in different languages. We must learn to translate the future language by knowing the other two. Remeber, Amos 3:7: Surely the Lord does nothing without consulting his servants the prophets. And we are all prophets now, members of the Heavenly Council, Ephesians 2:6, Hebrews 12:22.

The Lord be with you.

What happened in those periods of time, that is the first task.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: If this grid does not come through, email me at edencity@aol.com for a copy and/or tell me how to get it to come through on BH.
PPS: This is just the beginning. It's my main activity now.
(c) A. D. 2012 by Charles Howard Hartman. Use freely with attribution/links, non-commercially. Commercially? Inquire.

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