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Totus Christus and the Naming of Days

Totus Christus echoes and Naming of Days.

A Rosetta Stone that primes, per ‘Blink’. It shapes one.

[We are in many calendars. An additional layer is for our maturation. This new one replaces none, it is added to the community calendar of the tribe, the business and work schedules of the empire, the eternal calendar of the life of Christ and our response of the ecclesiastical, and the educational calendar of Greece—and others.]

Names of days are important.  Some new ones in a long essay are here:

A taste: Lord’s Day (Head), 1--Sunday, 2--WholeYMMM!! (K.O.L.BmoY!), 3--Already Day, 4—Hebrews (8s by 8531642)

Then, Monday, SmyrnaYMMM!! (SmyrnaBmoy!), JesusAllTimes Day, Third John
Tuesday, PergamosYMMM!! (SmyrnaBmoY!), Lao-Tse Day, The Twelve
Wednesday, EphesusYMMM!! (EphesusBmoY!), Abraham Day, Judges
Thursday, PhiladelphiaYMMM!! (PhiladelphiaBmoY!), Buddha Day, Colossians
Friday, ThyatiraYMMM!! (ThyatiraBmoY!), Greece Day, Revelation
Saturday, SmyrnaYMMM!! (SmyrnaBmoY!), Not Yet Day, Ecclesiastes

For the second week of Totus Christus, which starts this year, T. C. does (A. D. 2012)/PergamosCORAM861 (Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi) on December 2, substitute the  1s by 1234567 for the 8s by 8531642. Genesis, Samuel, Isaiah, Greater Chronicles, First John, Romans, First Thessalonians. These are more easily seen in the 7x7 grid in this:  Based on Jordan’s ‘Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament, here:

‘Read, mark, learn, and INWARDLY DIGEST (MY EMPHASIS).’ Luther [Thus a homophonic pun, ‘Yom’ for ‘day,’ and ‘YMMM!!’ for ‘it tastes good’. Taste the Lord and see that He is good. [It’s ‘moY’ because the present (‘B’/house, first letter of Bible) is caused by the past and future.]

‘Feeding…with our hearts by faith.’

IMPORTANT!  Incorporating (‘eating’) into the 7 day week conquers empires, Israel of Old and the New Israel. It amens, the resting one in seven, that The One True God (Trinity) made all those things worshiped as idols. Speech performance.

To respond psalmodically (the ultimate theological dynamic) to the complex Bible, we must respond both with simplicity and with complexity, in order to apply the gist, the Spirit of what God told us, in ways that apply that to the new situations He brings to us for our good maturity in the Holy War in redemptive history.

This is an example of liturgy that trains the muscle memory of the Body of Christ.

Peace is the explicit reconciliation of opposites: Rosenstock. See Herovolution here:

The Law Imperative of Comprehensive Beauty, the Lyric Subjective of Pella Square, the Evaluation Narrative of The Symphony Of History (TSOH) [especially Opus 47: From Creation Speech to New Song, Singing –forthcoming], the Fact unto New Torah  and Objective unto Planetary Service of House Of Singing Times (HOST)/C.E.P.T. (Calendar.Engendering.Peace.Tactics) is a contribution, based, as seen above, on works of Jordan (‘Crisis, Opportunity, and the Christian Future,’ especially, and Rosenstock-Huessy.,

Forward, Inward, Backward, Outward also is important.  A chart it is, in his ‘Beyond Belief,’ and his chapter 5 that summarizes the revolutions of the West is important. Papal, German, English, American, French, Russian, each with new speech, new persons, new institutions, etc. I try to take this out more, hence the imperative of Comprehensive Beauty.

This type of rhyming is also done in House Of Singing Times/C.E.P.T (Calendar.Engendering.Peace.Tactics) from Pentecost unto Public Vindication. Then, it’s a 22 of Psalm 119, and the meaning of the Hebrew letters, the 22 books of the ‘Old Testament,’ the 6 and 21 of the New, and –to be improved—22 Big Selahs.

It’s done in a 7 down the side of the 7x7, with Days of Creation, Beatitudes, 8531642, etc.

Already Day – Not Yet Day, and the Axial Age between as a liturgy and ERH Revolution is explained here:

Since last Resurrection I’ve been writing a chrestomathy (short notes) on the challenges of our era and the next, and have come up with these two things, Peace Tribe and Godparents for Eldsters.  Both have just started a Facebook Page, and here are the ‘About’ parts of them:  

These above are the results of what ‘Blink’ calls priming.  One is put into an environment that affects one unconsciously or subconsciously. A melanin-blessed brother must put something in the ‘race’ category on a test.  He does worse than one who is not reminded of what is in society now re: expectations. A group ostensibly has a test on something, but surreptitiously various words relating to aging, being old, being feeble are put into the test, and they walk more slowly and carefully as they leave. Etc.

BIG IDEA: Calendars are usually records of traumas and/or historical events that occur once for the first time, forever (not chronology). The whole people celebrate this together at one time. I have tried to mature enough to produce a priming calendar that engenders such an event, peace—the explicit reconciliation of opposites.  This is a seed, I pray it is a mustard seed.

Now, the names of the days that run in HOST follow the 7x7 of Jordan. [We can handle several systems of day naming, as we do several calendars]. It’s 49-1, 49-29 from Resurrection (Easter, Western) until Public Vindication. (Countdown) All holidays in this follow the structure of liturgy, and are a week-long (Totus Christus, 2 weeks) and are mountains, propers.  The holiday weeks have their own names of days. Remember, we are using several day naming systems. For Public Vindication it is 4s by 4152637.

From PV to EAT it’s 8531642. (Eliot Anselm Time—God is greater than we can possibly imagine. We shall not cease from exploring, and the end of our exploring shall be to arrive back at where we started, and to know the place for the first time.  In Greek, place is topos is temple?)

The order of names of days in the second holiday week, The Battle Of The Mountain Of Festival Assembly is 8s by 8531642.

PV is Cleansing (Confession and Absolution), TBOTMOFA is Consecration (sermon), and TC is Communion.

After EAT (which compresses or expands to fit), it’s Build UP, 1-49, the last 7 weeks.

And the times between holiday weeks are X10X11X11X17, totaling 49 ordinary weeks.

CONCLUSION: This is in development. It’s worthy of someone doing it better. Calendars are important. So is peace. ‘Such folly smacks of genius. A lesser mind would be incapable of it’. A character in one of Asimov’s Foundation books. I like Flynn’s ‘In the Country of the Blind’ even better. And Sturgeon’s ‘Brownshoes,’ aka ‘The Man Who Learned Love,’ in ‘Sturgeon is Alive and Well—a hippie discovers free energy. How does he get ‘power to the people’? Stefnal poetry above, a pidgin yearning to be creole. See McWhorter’s ‘History of Language’ (I think) from Teaching Company. A pidgin is limited to a specific small set of situations, a creole is a functioning language. We are in many calendars, we need to be in better-named days. Time Bettering Days by Rosenstock-Huessy is GREAT.

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