Sunday, December 16, 2012

THE GREAT FACT of Prosperity, Conjectivity, and more

And…it’s respectful toward elderly, and honoring the promise, and so it’s toward inheriting the promise.
Recommendation:  It is peace-making to follow E-Patient Dave.  Why?  Here's why.
This could help.  'Conjective' truth.  Not objective, not subjective, but that truth found in conversation with others.  First read of it in McCloskey's 'Bourgeois Dignity'. McCloskey holds, and proves well, that the reason for the GREAT FACT that we live '100x' better than our ancestors a couple centuries ago was that in NW Europe in 1600-1700 (Holland, England) the merchants/traders/innovators began to be more supported rhetorically and financially. 2nd of projected series of 6. In latter part of book McCloskey takes apart other theories (I'm working on reading those). Here's the 'peace' aspect. Both of these (1) Conjectivity and (2) prosperity can be seen as based on respectful speech and action. The conjectivity is rather like universities should be--the great opponents Bonaventura and Aquinas would say, lectured Rosenstock-Huessy, something such as 'My esteemed colleague is wrong because....' and demolish the other's argument, while remaining colleagues'. (Colleauge and college should go together somewhere, for 'lege' means read in Latin, thus a college is where we 'read together'.)  To repeat, resepect in doing business leads to prosperity, respect in academia leads to wisdom. And respect in medicine leads to more healing, I'm proposing. Peace be with you, E-Patient Dave.  Chuck PS: A 4th. McCloskey’s scholarship stand or falls NOT on personal situation .

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