Thursday, December 6, 2012

What Day Is It?

What Day is it?
It’s the fifth day of the first week of Advent.
It’s Thursday, December 06, Anno Domini 2012.
It’s so many days since Thanksgiving, so many days until Good Egg Days, so many days until Tulip Time, the such and such week of the NFL.
I’m off work today. Two more days inclusive after I go back to work, my work week ends.
It’s the first semester, but now, with MOOC, and Teaching Company, etc. we’re in transition, educationally.
In C.E.P.T, it the Second Day of Colossians.  That is, it’s Totus Christus One, a mountain of time in the 7x7 Calendar Engendering Peace Tactics. (This year [Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi/CORAM] Peace Tribe Manual, a Facebook Page, has been engendered, and ‘Nursing Home? Godparents For Eldsters?).
It’s Buddha Day in a week of days naming, and thus incorporating/’eating’ the Axial Age and ERH moves into a week, amening Sunday, Monday, Tuesday… etc.
It’s PhiladelphiaYMMM!!, in the retuned social firmament sheba/week. Revelation 5:12, 7:12, plus Ephesians 2:6, and ‘read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest’.
--So, you see that we are being matured to operated in a week of multi-named days, just as we navigate the field of time with a multitude of calendars of previous social orders. Calend!
--For reading material today I have received or have the following: Did Muhammed Exist, Skylar (Gregory McDonald), The Mouse that save the West, Turning Points (Decisive Moments in the History of Christianity) for a friend who finds church as done very weak (at best) and may need to read the chapter on Wesley’s 3 layers of accountability  groups, Dangerous Calling (help pastor), Get Dominion, Ancient Future Evangelism. Plus I still have my book on Dogon, and their civilizational skills (compare Buddhis stupa) and correlations with modern physics, and the book that claims that the Aborigenes were the original people, colonizing by expulsion for farming. I’d like to find my copy of Covenant Sequence in Leviticus and Deuteronomy to widen my understanding of the 8th Word, but I’m Kokintz with many books, if you speak mouse.
--Explanations of the Second Day of Colossians are here: (with link)
--Explanations of PhiladelphiaYYMMM!! (PhiladelphiaBmoY!) are here:

Love in King Jesus,

New ‘a day is that of which you remember the before and after’ Charlie

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  1. The Days in teh holiday weeks should be called something such as 'High' Days, to distinguish them from the ordinary days of the other 49 weeks, also named for books, 7 each. So, 'The Second High Day of Revelation,' e. g. 'The High Day of Genesis'--the only one