Monday, December 24, 2012

Like pianist, playing 4 voices of names of days of the week--and why

Dear Gentles:

Like a pianist, playing 4 voices of names of days of the week--and why

What I can do is not amazing to me.

What someone can do in playing 4 different notes (voices) on a piano IS amazing to me.

Aside:  It's like the hippie replied, when the tourist asked him how to get to Carnegie Hall. 'Practice, man, practice!"

So, as a result of a long time of practice, I present 4 voices of days of the week, analagous to the languages of the words on the cross, and the calendars of ERH's social orders.

Hebrew/Aramaic, Greek, Latin--and our tribal language in our Bible.
Hebrew, the language of religion, Greek the language of education, Latin the language of government.

Community calendars,ERH said are tribal. Work schedules and marketing plans, etc. are empires. Ecclesiastical calendars are Israel. Greece is the educational schedules.

So, neatly, I have 4 names of days.  This should mature us. (I'm here the one of 'one, few, many, all'.)

Our Sunday-Monday... is tribal. I claim that the religious names of the days are the books (of the 49) that go with the days.  The government names of days would be the 8531642 retuned and glorified WholeYMMM!!, Sardis YMMM!!.

And the Greek would be, to make it fit, the Axial Age names that I've written about. Already Day, Jesus All Times Day, etc.

I'll explain more if requested.  This is a way of priming, as in 'Blink,' I pray.

Love in King Jesus,

New Charlie
PS: The closest start is probably here:
PPS: Developing

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