Wednesday, December 19, 2012

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My traumatic experience has been as follows. These are seeds.
1—A relative was involuntarily ‘placed’ in a nursing home, and doped up—among other horrors.
2—I wasn’t able to do what I should.
3—This pain, I hope, can be a bridge of healing for others.
4—I decided to work on my own situation first.
5—Rescue Team was first.  Friends agreed to help get me out of a similar situation.
6—Cure Team was next.  They as supposed to say ‘Chuck didn’t want to be doped up, he wanted to be cured’. There are many alternatives.
7—I’ve obtained an M. D. on the basis of no use of these anti-psychotics, etc. There’s a document from the State of Tennessee that helps with this.  It’s not from the state in which I reside, but the doctor said they’d honor it, and it’s in my file, and all these documents, copies of them, are with my Teams and in other places.
8—‘I do not consent to being put into a nursing home or other such institution without my consent’.  This is in my lawyer’s file as part of something such as a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care.
9—Some funds are in different places, with different people.
10—My family is well aware of these above, and has documents.
11—I am trying to eat right, supplement, exercise, etc. to prevent the many kinds of dementia. A calling helps here.  You my look at, and, as well as on Facebook (Charles Howard Hartman), and two Facebook Pages--, and The GodparentsForEldsters above has a SHORT explanation and transcript of the ceremony, and a video of the short ceremony is on YouTube:
12—The idea of Godparents For Eldsters is that ‘godparents aren’t only for youngsters anymore.’ A person will become enfeebled, befuddled and vulnerable. James 1:27, Matthew 25, and the Fifth Word (Commandment—some say 4th) all indicate a role for the church.  The church will  be there. ‘Each Eldster (beloved elderly one) with godparents, and none shall be afraid.’ A friend of mine who pastors in a location that was convenient for my godparents witnessed the ceremony.  Developing.
It could develop as Knights Hospitaller, as a service  somehow associated with a company helping elderly, or church by church—or in some other way. It may be a start.  I’m overjoyed to have my Teams and Godparents.

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  1. PS: And even in the best hospitals, in Christian communities, a doctor might say to you something such as this: 'Sometimes we just let 'em slip away'.