Saturday, December 15, 2012

Additional, Necessary Ways to Communicate

We know something is wrong. We are trying to articulate it so that we can all work together, as one, in a common universe of communication. Ritual is one way that the muscle memory of the soul is trained. AND ALSO--THIS IS IMPORTANT!! We read that there's much about what is called 'priming' in 'Blink'. It's much like training. 'Blink' is about knowing unconsciously. An example they give is one in which a museum bought a sculpture, ostensibly from Ancient Greece. It had all the documents, and all the scientific tests. Yet, later, they showed the sculpture to 3 experts. Now, the reaction of each of the experts was not in a form you might expect, but each KNEW is was a fake. For one, he blurted out 'I hope you haven't paid any money for this'. For another, a sick feeling (iirc). A third, a glass wall came between him and the sculpture, in his mind. there is much more. Consciousness in not only located in the brain, in speech, etc. [Biblically, it's word and sign together, two witnesses]

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