Friday, December 14, 2012

Seed for plan for largest peaceful gathering in history?

Benjamin Garth Siddhartha Mack, include list of greatest peaceful historical events in history, and worst destructive war events? The seed. Can we gather over 21 million for the largest peace gathering in history--this time on the Internet?  Can we validate this by having something downloaded by each, something that includes a plan for peace? Ben Mack can collect other appropriate material, and I will contribute a short message about how to build your unique peace tribe, starting with an imperative for peace in a unique niche, followed by making new persons and speech subjectively, and then new institutions narratively, and then taking it out objectively for planetary service/  I'd add short summary of Gardner's Chapter 5 ob 'Beyond Belief' (the revolutions of the West) and a few hundred words on Carmen Human from Roesnstock-Huessy's 'Soziologie,' 1922. We could have links for recommended books and videos (a small commission?) and other materials from other peace activiities. We could have a limit of a week? Here are other large gatherings peaceful in history.
Lord willing.

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