Thursday, November 15, 2012

Use this first salvo in long-term culture war unto peace

Dear Gentles:

Are you tired of reacting in the battle? Win a Big One here.

Try this.

(Aside: This also illustrates rhyming cards, as I recommend for JBJ and Mike Bull).

1. Take as a basis the names of the days of the week in English.
1a. I presume these are relics of won battles in the culture war.
1b. The gods and planets or Europe as incorporated into the week.

2. That we measure this significant time in 7 days indicates the victory of the One True God, Creator.
2b. All the other gods and creation are within this pattern.
2c. The order in which they are  presented echoes the circle of fifths retuning after the Ascension, shown in Rev. 5:12-7:12.

3. But we are in a bigger, world-wide battle to arrange the social firmament.
3b. @ the Axial Age (Jaspers) God put challenges before the church-to-come: Greek philosophy, Buddhism, Confucius/Lao-tse.
3c. Israel was in Exile then.

4. I will now rhyme/conflate 4 pattern cards.
4a. Creation Week, retuned (as above)
4b. The Axial age institutions to be incorporated (eaten)
4c. The 5 Cs liturgy pattern, sandwiched in the Already/Not Yet.
4d. ERH's revolutionary pattern, forward-in-backward-out, as imperative-subjective-narrative-objective (planetary service).

5. Thus,

The first day of the new week (amening Creation, remember) is Already Day. Lord’s Day, Sunday, WholeYMMM!! (a bonus, that last—we can have several days of the week running concurrently, just as we have community calendars, work schedules, church calendars, educational calendars [remnants of previous social orders] running concurrently. One outer layer of the sandwich.
JesusAllTimesDay. Forward. (See Gardner’s illustration of the Complete Cross of Reality in ‘Beyond Belief,’ or see Pella Square (first page of search). These two are Call and Confess.
We are cleansed into speechlessness, Inwardly, on Lao-Tse Day. But we have risen.
Abraham Day. Backward to Consecration and Communion. We are given words. (The MittWoch, as the Germans would say, middle of the week, Luminaries…(?), but that’s conflating/rhyming another card! So would WotansTag/Wednesday/Mercury be.
Now two days of Commissioning.  [I didn’t say the rhymes were perfect!] Buddha Day, out #1, and Greece Day, out #2.
And NotYetDay.

Try it, you’ll like it. Taste this echo of the Lord, and see that he is good.

Just as ERH says that empires were conquered by Israel, Old and New, because they rested every 7 days, amening The One True God, (New Israel said Trinity), Creator, because by doing so, they amened that He had made all the things that the empires worshiped (stars, parts of creation, planets…) and rested on the 7th (rose on the 8th/1st), so too we ‘eat’ all these elements of the social firmament into our echo of Him, glorifying. [Future such may change—and it’ll take several jubilees for this to go from ‘weird’ to ‘that’s the way it is.  Maybe next time we’ll have become more epistemologicall self-conscious about it?]

Love in King Jesus,

and a Joyous Buddha Day!

New ‘social firmament’ Charlie
PS: Recap: We’ve fired a salvo in the Culture Wars, claiming that all creation is by The One True God, Trinity, fitting into His categories. Thus: Worship Him, via the Week, or as I’d prefer…
PPS: Let’s practice.  What’s today? Buddha Day, Out, Commissioning #1.
OK, what’s tomorrow? Greece Day, out #2, Commissioning.
PPPS: You can and will do better.  This was a first salvo in the ur-culture wars to come.

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