Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Deep Peace: Polyphony/Counterpoint in Overlapping Structures of Text

Dear Gentles:
Thanks for this discussion! Example: 318 men of Abram, sum of 7 primes: 'I only just found that 318 is the sum of twelve consecutive primes (7
> + 11 + 13 + 17 + 19 + 23 + 29 + 31 + 37 + 41 + 43 + 47) AND MUCH MORE
Some whispers:       
CHH: And someday, when we have programmed computers with Jordan Cards, and Bull Cards, and BH Cards, and the computers, our technos/our logos, the technology gushes forth all kinds of comparisons, where does that leave us?  It leaves us as more makers of things by speech that echoes.
Point two:  There are rolling (overlapping) structures of polyphony (counterpoint).  This was brought home to me while I was listening to Pastor Harlow’s exposition of Romans 5: 1-5, which was a complete and excellent one, while at the same time I observed that Bullinger (JBJ: Buy the Companion Bible) put Romans 5: 1-5 into a structure the center of which was ‘the love of God in Christ (6:8), 9-10 being parallel to 3-5, and flowering out to peace/joy, and the atonement made/received.
Point three: Since psalmodic response is the ultimate theological dynamic, this puts JBJ’s (and ERH’s) layers of social order into  a very high regard, as being a psalmodic response to these layers of structures, polyphonically (and synesthetically by them) seen and heard.  Thus they can both be correct, JBJ’s parallelism and ERH’s chiasm.
Point four:  We must flower out through the above-mentioned technos of the logos, we sons of the Word, to breath-ness, for surely earlier readers of the Breath (all scripture is God’s breath, Clark translates the familiar passage). Our brethren in the past did not have periods, capital letters, spaces between words…cantillation.  How did their out-breathing, in reading, get done? Reversing Augustine to go forward by going backward, we must learn this glorious art, in order to psalmodically respond to Creation Speech as New Song, Singing.

Love in King Jesus,

New ‘electronic breathing’ Charlie
PS: The folks at Maharishi U. who have discovered that just hearing the Sanskrit words causes a physiological change in the body are onto something. (Hearers did NOT know the meaning of the words, iirc).  So too, ‘tabernacle of the mouth’ should be put into the patters sought by the computers, for tone is the ultimate maturity. Sandwiching, I hear both that much of Chinese speech, before phoneticization by pin-yin, was via pitch, etc. despite the ideographs, and that Korean is so constructed as to enable ‘anyone’ to do difficult numerical computations quickly.
PPS: Blessed are the poor in Spirit, thus, those who know that they are poor in understanding Breath.

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