Monday, November 5, 2012

Rhyming The Axial Age (and more) Into The Week

Metapolitics of 'priming': Eating the Axial Age institutions into the week

Dear Gentles:

In 'Blink,' there's a wonderful essay on priming.

 Example: Psychological test subjects thought they were doing a word puzzle, but really they were being primed by the words in it--many relating to old age, feebleness, etc.

 They were watched when leaving, and by being primed by these words, they DID act older in walking, posture, etc.

I'm priming by incorporating Axial Age thought systems into the week, so we will think that all are under He who made all in 6 days and rested on the 7th.  We have conquered empires by this 7th day worship, and the European 'gods' and the natural planets were incorporated thus, in Sunday, Monday, etc.  This is meta-politics.

Next: Two Tunes of The Twelve

New 'up-politics' Charlie
PS: You'll do better. So far it looks like this.
1 Lord's Day (other names in other essays) Already He Has Reversed The Trend Imperative Law
Days 2-5 incorporate some semblance of the 5 Cs liturgy
2 Called to Confess (yes, conflated) Buddhism (we are undone, is there even a self?) Subjective
3 Cleansed  Tribes (Peace Tribe?) Lyric
4 Consecrated Abrahamic Faiths (share a 7th day) Conjective/University?
5 Communion (or 6th day, Philadelphia, World Witness, 'death 'til He 6comes') Confucius and other Empires Narrative Evaluation
6 Commissioned, our big Challenge now, Greece 'education' Bledsoe's Boulder, Science Fact Objective/Planetary Service
7 Not Yet (Smyrna in JBJ's churches=eras, Prison age of Core History of Humanity's Childhood (Bible)

More to come.  Names aren't easy, for they are vocative, half-imperatives, and imperatives are VERY DIFFICULT.

PPS: May I encourage bettering this?

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