Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tunes of The Twelve and much more

Tunes of The Twelve, and much more
We take The Twelve in chronological order, and place that over an octave (I think) on the piano.  12 notes, 7 white, 5 black. (I have no training, I think that’s how it works. Variations should be tested.

Then we put these notes into the order of theological ‘composition’ in the Bible. We get a tune. (Could the length of the notes be the length of the respective books?)

Now, Bullingers chronology gives one tune, and New Bible Commentary’s chronology gives another tune.

Which is better? Or are either? Should either or both be flipped, the last being first, the first last?

We are just beginning.

I’m presupposing 4 major tunes of the Bible.  The Tune of Creatin (God speaking, angels singing (sons of God), per Job.


Tune of The Twelve.

Retuning at Creation—‘our days of the week,’ a wise one said, ‘are connected’. 1234567 becomes 4152(3)63(2)7.

The big question is the 5th tune.  Do we best psalmodically respond by harmonizing the two, Rev. 5:12 and 7:12, is that grasping the gist of the transition and applying the principles?  Or should we ‘circle of 5th’ the transition, and do some shifting to get an Exodus at the last, so we can put it into an additional calendar, one of Peace, as I have proposed?  Add the 8th, and 2461357 becomes 8531641. I’m joyous that I get a tri-lingual acronym for the 8th, K.).L. (God ‘kol-ed’ from Sinai), Octabve (8th day theology) and Laodicea (7th church).  K.O.L.BmoY!—the day approaches from the east right? In popular parlance, as WotansTag became Wednesday, K.O.LBmoY! becomes WholeYMMM!!—a homophone pun.

(You who are ministers get the big money for figuring this stuff out.  And I am serious, for what is the big money, surely it is related to the Word, and what currencies and currents we have now are pale echoes of Creation and of the distant triumph song that we sing each Lord’s Day.  Money is a standard of account, and you are custodians of how accounts will be paid on The Great Day, and all times. A store of value?  All value is imputed from the Creator, Redeemer, etc. A medium of exchange? Whence and whither language?)

The harmonizers and the flippers can fight this out over a couple three jubilees! This will give us the fifth tune.

And all together, orchestrated (ERH, in The Christian Future, said something such as orchestration is dance (have we been discussing worship posture?) and music.  O Joy, that’s the 6th tune, and we are matured through redemptive history and Holy War against The Noise, ready for the 7th.

Love in King Jesus,

New ‘this is a study for Opus 47’ Charlie

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