Sunday, November 18, 2012

For 'Peace Tribe Manual'--neo-tribalism evidences

Peace Tribe Manual (How To build Your Peace Tribe) says that we are in a neo-tribal age, and must avoid the perpetual warfare of the tribes, while keeping the small enthusiastic groups. This short note is to indicate neo-tribalism in the p
olitical, church, and family realms, respectively. Politically, search 5th generation warfare, and Lind. First generation warfare of modernity was massed armies. Then artillery, then maneuver (tanks). 4th and 5th get blurred, but I like, at this time, 4th as insurgents plus media, and 5th as nets and jets: Networks (not hierarchies) and jet planes to spread bio-war, etc. In families and society we have much more tattooing, and gangs (including 'organized crime'), and what I'll call radical tattooing--body modification, sex changes, etc. This is written on the social fabric. Illegitimacy also. In churches we have denominations. A Peace Tribe will somehow move us toward comprehensive beauty, the one and the many. (More on Gardner's 5th Chapter in 'Beyond Belief' next. 'Friday' by Heinlein shows some of these trends. Creveld on The Rise and Decline of the State is a key work--search Mises with that for a shorter transcript. And here's a report from the US Army:

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