Wednesday, November 7, 2012

BETTER Rhyming Axial Age and more, 'eating' into the week

Peace is the explicit reconciliation of opposites.  Here goes.



!  I'm attempting to get my intellectual stuff out there, for it need a long time to mature. I hope what's on the web, stays available.  But right now as a Peace Tribe project, I am trying to 'Kepler' the social firmament.  An article in Analog by Michael Flynn showed the great complexity of the natural firmament controversy, given to us in legend and icon after many years. But Rosenstock-Huessy said that the next era would be a 'socio-'era. I'm working on two projects.  One is to incorporate (eat) into the week, the thought systems of the Axial Age (Confucius/Lao-tse, Buddha, Greek philosophy) and now some others that Rosenstock-Huessy puts on the forward-in-backward-out axes in 'The Christian Future'. As we have, in English, Greek and Roman gods, natural planets, in our Sunday-Monday, I now propose for the first time that we bracket the 7 days with AlreadyDay to start, and NotYetDay at the end. The 5 in the middle are to be conflated with 'the Complete Cross of Reality' in Gardner's 'Beyond Belief' and the historic liturgy, thus (Monday) JesusAllTimesDay (Call/Forward), (Tuesday) Lao-tseDay (Cleanse--confess/forgive/Inward) (Wednesday) AbrahamDay (Consecrate—sermon—and Communion: Unity of Common Past/Backward) (Thursday) BuddhaDay (Outward, #1), (Friday) GreeceDay (Outward #2, Greece is not to be a social order, ERH says, as tribes, empires, Israel, but is then, to be discipled. Commission). (Saturday) NotYetDay.
So, Alreacy to NotYet, incorporating and conflating the historic liturgy with those systems of though and action, plausibility structures that are to be read, marked, learned, and inwardly digested (Luther).

Speaking of that, I do have also, YMMM!! Days, corresponding to a re-retuned social firmament of Ephesians 2:6 and the churches in Revelation, including #8 (and 12!).  For that, search ‘Astrology and Naming Days.’

It’ll be 100-120 years that this is worked out, if Flynn’s article on Ptolemaic stuff fits.

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