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'About' Nursing Home? Godparents for Eldsters? on Facebook

This is what I thought I had put into the 'About' section of Nursing Home? Godparents for Eldsters? Page on Facebook.

1--Godparents For Eldsters? 2--Yes, you know how some churches have godparents for infants?  GFE is for adults, who, as they age, might become enfeebled, befuddled and vulnerable.1, again--Get it going.  It's needed. Video and transcript of ceremony here:
Each eldster with godparents, and none shall be afraid. Godparents--they are not only for youngsters anymore.
Become a godparent for an eldster, or as an eldster, get godparents--or start a godparents for eldsters ministry.
James 1:27, Deuteronomy 5:16.
2 billion alzheimer's patients?  Some say so.
The Federal Government of the USA is in deep financial trouble.  CLASS was too expensive, and here's NPR on the $211 trillion debt:
This is a big crisis.  and there are many other types of dementia:
During early Chrristendom, infants exposed to die were rescued by Christians, and raised.
We need to turn the apparent liability of dependent older ones (beloved eldsters) into an asset.  That asset is the promise in the 5th Word (4th Commandment): Honor your father and mother, inherit the land (the promise)
How can this be done?                          
We don't know.  But it is clear that certain bad actions should be avoided. Search nursing home abuse.
Promising movements and causes will be highlighted in this community.
Here is deep background on this as a calling for Charles Howard Hartman:
How does this fit into history?  James Jordan writes in 'Crisis, Opportunity, and the Christian Future' that history is a successive emphasis on the Persons of the Trinity.  The Father, and The Son, and The Holy Ghost. This is not modalistic or subordinationistic, for the theologians.  We see, for instance, father Abraham, son (of his son) Jacob, and then Joseph, in whom the Spirit of God was. We see the period until David as fatherly, David as sonly, and the prophets as moved to speak by the Holy Spirit.
After the Resurrection, this continued.  We can see the Father time as the Church, and then was added the Christian State, and then the University.
What time is it now?  JBJ has said that it is Jeremiah time.
I conflate this with the need to give Rest, which is why Israel went into Exile.
And after this time will resume the sequence.
Conflating again, JBJ sees, in COATCF, the 5th and 8th Words (honor father, don't steal) as related to Adam's sin in the Garden.  Cain's sin in the Land was killing his brother, and bearing false witness. The Sethites sinned in the World by adultery, coveting.
So, I see Godparents for Eldsters as being in line with this--honoring father and mother.  Elsewhere I will do a 7-foldedness of honoring and inheriting. See this through 'Who Rules the Land?' [How the church acts is reflected in society]
Please see Peace Tribe Manual on Facebook also.
There ARE alternatives.  Dr. Newport, coconut oil, YouTube--search. Luteolin and Dr. Rowen--search. Vitamin B3 and Dr. Williams--search.  More.
Love in King Jesus,  New Charlie
The 15th day of November, A. D. 2012, 6 years after the death of Mae Hartman
Buddha Day, PhiladelphiaYMMM!!/PhiladelphiaBmoY! Daniel Week (Sheba) Season (Mo'ed)of Blessed are the Merciful + PergamosCORAM861  Charles Howard Hartman

First Post: This is started on the anniversary of the death of my mother, which was traumatic.  I'm glad I, this Eldster, have my Godparents--and my Cure Team, and my Rescue Team, in addition to legal help, medical help, and family.  It will be a tough slog, a big challenge, a big opportunity to demonstrate the Christian Era, when liabilities are turned into assets.  Thanks for joining!  Chuck (New Charlie)
God has gifted us, let us help others.

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