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Total Symphony Initiations planned by Day 7--subject to change

 Total Symphony Initiations planned by Day 7--subject to change
7 Initiates. [Day 7 will plan out all his/her Initiations for the whole Symphony now, subject to changes later.  Come back to this page, 7 will, each Initiation time]

This is an EXAMPLE!
Most initiations will be one question to each per week.
One other Day initiates backward from the end.
Note:  Clark, on a Believers Chapel audio, gave an example of the chronological being the reverse of the logical.  Logically, a--we want to get to Chicago for a concert. B—We want to get there the night before, to sleep well. C—We must leave in the AM of the day before the day before the concert, then.  So, chronologically, we go C—leave the day before the day before, B-- get there the night before, and A—get to the concert at the right time.
We are pulled and pushed, herovolutionally.

To Day 8, page S21 (In reference to helping ALL)

Week One: Imperative: You are  COMMANDED to bear your cross.  Honor that.  Don’t complain. Tell us why this will change you.
  How would that change you, as a ritual?  Compare the ‘making’ of Rescue Teams, Cure Teams, Godparents for Eldsters from the early version, which contrasted the chronology with the catechism
Week Three: Narrative: How is this Opus 47, which could also be names Comprehensive History Interactive, useful as a metanarrative?
Week Four: Objective: How can this sequence be used for outreach, how can it be ‘shed forth’ in the best way(s)?

7, not this week

To Day 6, page S19 (In reference to helping HER)

Week One: Imperative: Tell me what stages courtship and marriage go through. To page S21.
Week Two: Subjective: Do many marriages (what % USA?) fail because it’s too much ‘me, me, me’ subjective?
Week Three: Narrative: Give us a narrative of how fertility rates, and rates of increase in population of a group, inherit the earth. Re: ‘How Civilizations Fail (And Why Islam is Failing Too) and Stark’s ‘Triumph of Christianity’.
Week Four: Objective: How is it the purpose of marriage to glorify God better as married, in most cases, than a alone?

To Day 5, page S17 (In reference to Day 7’s calling)

Week One: Imperative: Tell me what I must do to be healed. Is this true, the following? ‘At X church, we heal you, under God, by killing you and making you alive in Christ, by Word and Sign--and all your relationships, Lord willing.’ Thus you can go and help us do likewise in the Kosmos. To page S17
Week Two: Subjective: How does Myss say that chakras and sacraments can fit together in on subject, me?
Week Three: Narrative: Tell me some stories of healing—maybe using Sheldrakian fields of coherence.  Why can’t all see the energy flows that you do?
Week Four: Objective: Objectively, in the future in these USA, will there be more concierge and cash-only medical care, more medical tourism, especially when people take seriously the reports  about ‘doctors, the 3rd leading cause of death in America’?

To Day 4, page S15 (Helping ALL)

Week One: Imperative: Tell us the varieties of Father and Mother in the Bible and in other history. Maybe a search on Blue Letter Bible will be a good place to start.  I’m thinking Father Abraham, God the Father. I’m thinking History as our Father, and also the Future to which we are dragged.  Fathers in the faith.  The hand that rocks the cradle and rules the world. Mother Church. Mothers in Israel. Technology which births newness… .To page S15.
Week Two: Subjective: Subjectively, why did you agree to be a Godparent for Eldster?
Week Three: Narrative: How do you see this narrative playing out, for example in the ‘Some Times We Just Let ‘Em Slip Away’ (unstated?) policy of some hospitals toward the elderly?
Week Four: Objective: Objectively, could Godparents For Eldsters, here :, be like Knights Hospitaller, which went through many changes from starting out as a hospital for pilgrims to Jerusalem? See Wikipedia

3, to page S20 (Help HIM)

Week One: Imperative: Were knights like highway patrolmen in the times of better and quicker transportation after the invention of the horse collar, which gave horses 10x the pulling power? Tell us the story. To page S20
Subjective: Would you like to be a knight? How would that happen?
Narrative: Rosenstock-Huessy (somewhere) tells a story of what happened after the fall of Rome as the successive organization of Land (A. D. 400-1100), Skills—the arming of the knight (to A. D. 1500), and Markets (to A. D. 1900). What was next? Missions, to A. D. 2000, and now….what next?
Objective: What is next, where and when can the knight principle, and better language, be better used, in planetary service?

2, to page S18 (Help me, the initiator, with my Calling).

Week One: Imperative: Tell me how I can be heard?
Week Two: Subjective: Though churches are childish, what church do you suggest for me?
Week Three: Narrative: How would a review of Stark’s two books, ‘The Churching of America,’ and ‘The Triumph of Christianity’ help me?
Week Four: Objectively, of what service can I be?

1, page S22 (Help ALL)

Week One: Imperative:  Do I have this right, Shame Interrupted’? People in authority are COMMANDED to help you, and have hindered, ignored, and shamed you. (The guilty get a day in court, the shamed are outside of conversation). To Page S21
Week Two: Subjective: If one is ‘out,’ how and how much should one beg, judge, plead, etc.?
Week Three: Narrative: Give examples in the narrative of history of those who were out, and then were vindicated.  John Quincy Adams and petitions, Wilberforce and ending slavery.
Week Four: Objective: You’ve had a time in the Wilderness, yes, but before WHAT Conquest? Rich Bledsoe has a sermon series on this: For Freedom He Has Set Us Free, if I recall correctly.

9, to page S23

To Day 9, West, Freedom/Technology, ERH’s ‘Any new technology expands the space in which one can operate, lessens the time it takes to do something, and destroys the old group.

Help ALL

Week One: Imperative: Tell us some of the most important new technologies of the last century, and of near future times. To page S23
Week Two: Subjective: What are some of the most important new words, and types of persons these new technologies have produced?
Week Three: Narrative:  And what new institutions have these new technologies produced?
Week Four: Objective: What are the best planetary services that are needed, and what new technologies would be most helpful?

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