Monday, September 29, 2014

Full letter to Kit

Sept. 29.  Letter 3.  Dear Kit:  We’ll also need an app. I’m so naïve that I think that the drones that Amazon and Facebook may be putting up,  and/or Google’s balloons, will enable good interactions between and among many.  This may be one way.
I put the rest of this letter on chuckhartmanhistoryconductor, and the Facebook Notes of Charles Howard Hartman.  Also I put everything up to the Initiations by 8.  Next I’ll do 7, and then we can get to the universe of Initiations, toward Responses, that is ‘IR’/cities in Hebrew.
Opus 49, Sing A New Era! (S.A.N.E.) so far, is attached, the blanks being filled it.  It’s about at 3%.  A version of blanks to be filled in is available.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie ‘Chuck’ Hartman
PS: Anybody want Opus 49 or the ‘to-be-filled-in’ version, email me at
PPS: It’s really simple! To the sequence of Initiation first week, then Responses and Initiations, RI, RI, and Response the last week, when one adds a few more seeds, or imperative stems, or Sheffer Strokes, and they flower, it gets more complex, but the aim is Comprehensive Beauty. 1—People as house, 2—gravity stresses compensated and Initiation/Response., retunings of universe, Says as people, howls becoming music, solos and symphony after Day 12, covenant oriented toward heavens above (liturgy), waters under earth (scientific method), earth beneath (people, made of dirt), preject and traject (Day 12 Initiates out of turn, from the Future), echoes and foreshadowings, etc.

Soon, soon we’ll be speaking  universes of intitiation and response! (Before, Sep 27) We’ll also need an app. (Sep 27, Sydney story) Benefits at the end, proof being written as I write Opus 49. Action:  Write for a fill-in-the-blanks version, and a ‘filling-in-the-blanks’ version. We’ll also need an app.  Google, Amazon, and Facebook are planning, respectively, balloons and drones to give the whole world internet access. So, basically all we do is ask one another questions (initiate) and answer (respond) for 5 weeks around a table, thus: I-RI-RI-RI-R, but describing it that way  is like the Sheffer Stroke (not both the one and the other) from which come Russell’s and Whitehead’s 5 operations in Principia Mathematica, and/or it is like Rosenstock’s statement in ‘Magna Carta Latina’ that all Latin verb forms are from a short imperative stem.  More keeps getting added.  Pruning is Biblical, and will be done by many someones—I must get something out. It’s imperative. Examples.  When the 5 are ERH’s (Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, Objective, Planetary Service) the ‘flavor’ of initiations differs from Jordan’s (Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact, New Torah) or North’s various fives. When you add in ‘retuning’—a different melody by a different sequence of players…it becomes more of a maturational experience.  When it’s a one man show, instead of a group sitting asquare (around) a table, there’s more.  When you are improving the ‘game,’ while simultaneously playing it, wow! As a wise one told me, ‘You are juggling an enormous number of balls, or rolling a great boulder up a hill.’  I say it’s both and more.  We will need an app, in addition to the website and YouTube.  These can be monetized.  That may encourage some.  That this is a scientific method analog for/engendering a next era in history is not sufficient yet.  It is my imperative, and I do have a sequence of 5, and the 5 does resonated with town council meetings, the scientific method, and orders of worship, as another layer. And better writers will be appearing, I pray. Love in King Jesus,  Charlie ‘Chuck’ Hartman PS: I’m starting to document when I fill in certain blanks, using the present layer of dating and calendar, in which this is Friday, September 26, Anno Domini 2014. Attachment:  Opus 49, Sing A New Era! to date. It’s TBOTMOFA (The Battle Of The Mountain Of Festival Assembly) in HOST (House Of Singing Times). PPS: [I’ll write letters of about a page each to individuals, each will be about my progress in filling in the blanks of this book, for which I have a ‘blanks unfilled version. My hope in the next couple of years is to find 3 that I can joint venture with to produce even better versions, with websites and youtube videos, so that in a couple more years we’ll have an app for the planet.
Parts of it could also be revenue-making]
Next: Day 7 initiates a universe or two.
Not in letter, note for next time: (First and last sentences, Sep 27, body on Sep 26)

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