Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Get the howls across the Jordan, TSOCHI47-2 [Music will be made from howls]

TSOCHI47-2 Half of the Jordan Crossings
I need to talk this out on YouTube!
Yesterday we gathered our howls, our people.  We will be turning howls into music by one anothering every other in a 5-part sequence. To get
the howls more into the transformation, that’s next.
We assign the Jordan Crossings. We already have the Howls, aka the Callings. We’ll be turning them into music. We would do this beforehand, and at the first meeting.

Their howls, which are talents, traumas, what each wants to treat/learn about/write about, etc. are also called callings that come from the throne of God in the north, North callings, a new orientation. (James Jordan has spoken about ancient maps being oriented, that is the top was to the east—this map, is northed, facing the direction north).
We also put these into a 12 day format, for this is a Comprehensive History Interactive.  Also, the Jordan Crossings and the Twelve Days both are needed at the same time.
Chuck has been howling about his YOHAD – Years Of Hell And Death. This is Day One, and his Jordan Crossing is  Jordan’s ‘Crisis, Opportunity, and The Christian Future.
Day Two. Robert wants to be Heard, his Jordan Crossing is ‘Occupy until I come.
Day Three. Donald is howling to teach us about Language, John wants to know about his Calling. John will be Donald’s protégé.  Most of the attention will be paid to Language, but some to Calling. Their Jordan Crossing is The Knight in History. John could be directed toward Luther on Vocation.
Day Four. Daniel has a talent for Godparents for Eldsters, His Jordan Crossing is The Fifth Word (4th Commandment in some systems.)
Day Five. Sandy want to treat Healing in a comprehensively Biblical way, Lori loves gardening, Lori will be Sandy’s protégé, as John is to Donald. Sandy’s Jordan Crossing is 2 verses.  ‘Light of the world,’ and ‘…in Whom all things cohere,’ but Myss’ ‘Anatomy of the Spirit’ is in the background.  Lori should look at Incredible Edible Todmorden.
Day 6. Louise wants to learn and teach (treat) about Marriage. The Bride adorned for her Husband in Revelation 22 is a good Jordan Crossing for her.

We will finish the other days of the 12 tomorrow. Then, Initiations!

We’re doing this because we will be sitting around a table, in some form of Tabernacle/Temple furniture, making Initiations and Responses with each other, making cities. Cities are important. Rich Bledsoe says. Initiations and Responses are the cities, and the number of these interactions are the heaviness, the glory.

Opus 22, also on YouTube, did not do well because I did not have us sitting around a table, so the interactions were not as good.  It had other problems too.
In an earlier Symphony, the young daughter of the man conducting it saw that the adults were sitting around passing papers to each other, papers with questions.  She wanted to play, and she wrote a very good question about Jesus while sitting on Daddy’s lap.  A poor recording from LONG ago that attempts to explain the condition of the Symphony then

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