Monday, September 29, 2014

Example of Initiations and Response

Letter 4: Dear Dan:  I’m writing letters to friends.  Each letter explains part of what happens in Opus 49 (49 years of marriage) in Sing A New Era! (S.A.M.E.!).  This gives an example (we jump ahead) to a Response to Initiations.  I claim that IR is City in Hebrew, and that this is what we may do, Lord willing, to have a city of peace, explicitly reconciling opposites, as the planet, the people thereon, have access to electronic interweavings.

It’s not a simple as what we did in your living room, seated around the table, that Sidney reacted to by getting on your lap and writing questions about Jesus, but, about the basic I say:  It’s really simple! To the sequence of Initiation first week, then Responses and Initiations, RI, RI, and Response the last week, when one adds a few more seeds, or imperative stems, or Sheffer Strokes, and they flower, it gets more complex, but the aim is Comprehensive Beauty. 1—People as house, 2—gravity stresses compensated and Initiation/Response., retunings of universe, Says as people, howls becoming music, solos and symphony after Day 12, covenant oriented toward heavens above (liturgy), waters under earth (scientific method), earth beneath (people, made of dirt), preject and traject (Day 12 Initiates out of turn, from the Future), echoes and foreshadowings, etc.
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