Thursday, September 11, 2014

Opus 49 1 Dear Jack

Opus 49 1 Dear Jack:

Here’s the start of my latest. It’s an effort toward peace—a ‘thousand-year’ project, as Berman writes of medieval cathedrals, that they literally had budgets for a thousand years. Page 6, Law and Revolution. Rosenstock, Universal History 1954 (more to come)

Imagine that you have brought together 8, 9…10, 12 different howls.  These are people you have met or found who are articulating concerns.  You will bring them through a Basic Sequence of steps, so that together, each one one anothering every other, you explicitly reconcile opposites.  This is downstream from it having been done before in other ways—it’s a Psalmodic Response.  See Psalm 1:1 [More on that later]>

What howls, in what wildernesses?

R. wants to be heard, he’s an occupier (like Occupy Wall Street), doesn’t want anything to do with religion, associates with the Catholic Worker House(s), favors single payer. His howl?  He wants to be heard.
D-1’s howl is helping the elderly in danger of bad institutionalization.  He’s a Godparent for an Eldster. That’s his howl.
S. is a healer, and is working on body language and energy healing. She takes off from the Greek ‘splagchnizomai’—something to do with the gut/stomach of the father of the Prodigal Son.  It’s translated ‘compassion,’ etc.  She thinks it might be better understood through Myss’ ‘The Anatomy of the Spirit’ as really understanding.
T. wants to get deeper into the Bible (interesting isn’t it, R. wants nothing to do with religion, and T. wants to get deeper—how reconcile?) but finds churches in his area so inadequate that he won’t attend.

There are more, but this is a start. Each week there are Initiations and Responses. (Week One, only Initiations, Week Five only responses). We’ll start Initiations on this page, as I am playing all parts.  It’s best to sit around the table, but at this time, we need a whole Symphony, Explicit Reconciliation, to be written, and it’s the most important thing I can do, at which I would be most difficult to replace.
I post a page, plus what it is based on in a page from ‘To Be Filled’—two posts—on Facebook Notes, ChuckHartmanHistoryConductor.  Later, a website and YouTube videos, but for now, one can be added to an email list on request to Here’s an OLD YouTube of about 6 minutes explaining an earlier summary, and Opus 3 is available somewhere, an even earlier written version.

Psalm 19:14. Love in King Jesus,  Charlie ‘Chuck’ Hartman

8’s Initiation to 7, really everyone.  There are gaps, and chains.  Everything is connected, yet there are differences.  Universe has gravity, yet I’m on Earth, not in Andromena galaxy.  There’s entropy and negentropy. There are new events, and ‘the same old, same old. NOW, I’m Day 8 of history, and I initiate that each one must come to grips with, respond to, He Who Reversed The Trend, or some echo or foreshadowing of the Resurrection of Jesus. Imperative. Do it!

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