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Letter 3 plus more from Opus 49, Sing A New Era! (S.A.N.E.!)

Sept. 29.  Letter 3.  Dear Kit:  We’ll also need an app. I’m so naïve that I think that the drones that Amazon and Facebook may be putting up,  and/or Google’s balloons, will enable good interactions between and among many.  This may be one way.
I put the rest of this letter on chuckhartmanhistoryconductor, and the Facebook Notes of Charles Howard Hartman.  Also I put everything up to the Initiations by 8.  Next I’ll do 7, and then we can get to the universe of Initiations, toward Responses, that is ‘IR’/cities in Hebrew.
Opus 49, Sing A New Era! (S.A.N.E.) so far, is attached, the blanks being filled it.  It’s about at 3%.  A version of blanks to be filled in is available.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie ‘Chuck’ Hartman
PS: Anybody want Opus 49 or the ‘to-be-filled-in’ version, email me at
PPS: It’s really simple! To the sequence of Initiation first week, then Responses and Initiations, RI, RI, and Response the last week, when one adds a few more seeds, or imperative stems, or Sheffer Strokes, and they flower, it gets more complex, but the aim is Comprehensive Beauty. 1—People as house, 2—gravity stresses compensated and Initiation/Response., retunings of universe, Says as people, howls becoming music, solos and symphony after Day 12, covenant oriented toward heavens above (liturgy), waters under earth (scientific method), earth beneath (people, made of dirt), preject and traject (Day 12 Initiates out of turn, from the Future), echoes and foreshadowings, etc.

Soon, soon we’ll be speaking  universes of intitiation and response! (Before, Sep 27) We’ll also need an app. (Sep 27, Sydney story) Benefits at the end, proof being written as I write Opus 49. Action:  Write for a fill-in-the-blanks version, and a ‘filling-in-the-blanks’ version. We’ll also need an app.  Google, Amazon, and Facebook are planning, respectively, balloons and drones to give the whole world internet access. So, basically all we do is ask one another questions (initiate) and answer (respond) for 5 weeks around a table, thus: I-RI-RI-RI-R, but describing it that way  is like the Sheffer Stroke (not both the one and the other) from which come Russell’s and Whitehead’s 5 operations in Principia Mathematica, and/or it is like Rosenstock’s statement in ‘Magna Carta Latina’ that all Latin verb forms are from a short imperative stem.  More keeps getting added.  Pruning is Biblical, and will be done by many someones—I must get something out. It’s imperative. Examples.  When the 5 are ERH’s (Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, Objective, Planetary Service) the ‘flavor’ of initiations differs from Jordan’s (Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact, New Torah) or North’s various fives. When you add in ‘retuning’—a different melody by a different sequence of players…it becomes more of a maturational experience.  When it’s a one man show, instead of a group sitting asquare (around) a table, there’s more.  When you are improving the ‘game,’ while simultaneously playing it, wow! As a wise one told me, ‘You are juggling an enormous number of balls, or rolling a great boulder up a hill.’  I say it’s both and more.  We will need an app, in addition to the website and YouTube.  These can be monetized.  That may encourage some.  That this is a scientific method analog for/engendering a next era in history is not sufficient yet.  It is my imperative, and I do have a sequence of 5, and the 5 does resonated with town council meetings, the scientific method, and orders of worship, as another layer. And better writers will be appearing, I pray. Love in King Jesus,  Charlie ‘Chuck’ Hartman PS: I’m starting to document when I fill in certain blanks, using the present layer of dating and calendar, in which this is Friday, September 26, Anno Domini 2014. Attachment:  Opus 49, Sing A New Era! to date. It’s TBOTMOFA (The Battle Of The Mountain Of Festival Assembly) in HOST (House Of Singing Times). PPS: [I’ll write letters of about a page each to individuals, each will be about my progress in filling in the blanks of this book, for which I have a ‘blanks unfilled version. My hope in the next couple of years is to find 3 that I can joint venture with to produce even better versions, with websites and youtube videos, so that in a couple more years we’ll have an app for the planet.
Parts of it could also be revenue-making]
Next: Day 7 initiates a universe or two.
Not in letter, note for next time: (First and last sentences, Sep 27, body on Sep 26)

To Kit:  Simply Put: Everyone asks everyone else a question every week, and starting the second week, through the 5th, everyone answers all the questions asked the past week, and asks for the next week, ending at the 4th.
App, You Gotta Play!, this just helps. Be conducted, then conduct. Put preject and traject into, from last letter.  12 prejects: The solo of your life will be put into the Big Symphony at Day 12.  Do Well. Ephesians 2: 8-10.  12 trajects: Summarize your day and the echoes thereof, for instance 6 from Gen 1, and Gen 2, and 6th church in Revelation, and 6th Beatitude, etc.  More difficult for days 7-12! Also, the Report Example from Days 5 (healing) and 8 (Resurrection) together. Prophetic Theater of 5 and 8. Notes and Notebooks.
Page S3

Who initiates next? Day 8 to Day 5.
 Day 8, Chuck, Resurrection, asks Day 5, Sans, Healing/Light of the World: What imperative comes from the Resurrection, and impacts your subject, Healing Impacts you or someone else.

(This Initiation is forwarded also to Page 17, for Day 5’s Response (IR= City in Hebrew!).

The title could have been
Buildegesis, Not Exegesis
Peace In Neo-Tribal Times
Liturgy, Scientific Method, And Now….BAPT
(Build A Peace Tribe)
What’s Really Happening, Has Happened,
And What Will Happen
How To Listen, Strongly
Help Against Societal Amnesia/Alz/Dementia
Conducting a New Era
How to Conduct a Next Era
Composing a Next Era
How to Sing a Next Era
History is a Psalm Tone—High, Low, Middle
Post-Resurrection History is a Psalm Tone
Hey, Charlie, We ALREADY Have a Scientific Method?
But do we have one for the next era’s counterpart?
Comprehensive History and Future Call You in the Present
What is , and Herovolution, and Why is it Important?
How to Avoid Perpetual War in Neo-Tribal Times

What title would you give this, please?

Fill in the blank:  Day 8 initiates to Day 5 in your new symphony: __________________

I plan this to be an internet Symphony of History (name from ERH, ‘Fruit of Lips,’ but face-to-face we would be following Day 8’s lead and putting questions on paper and giving them to the other Days. (list later).  Day 8 is Conductor, and recruits other 9 days, for Day 8 also plays Day 1 and 12.

Here’s a 6 minute video on YouTube of Chuck explaining a less complete version of the Symphony. In this I erred by not doing the 300-500 words (players thought they needed to answer every question) and by not having us around a table.

 In this Opus 47 example version, Chuck plays all 12 parts. More of his work is at

How did we get these 12 Days,
why does each have 4 names,
and where is a complete list?

To answer the last first, the complete list of Days, Personal Names, North Question/Calling (Trauma, Talent, Subject), and Jordan Transition (Verse, historical or fictional person, event, etc.) is at Epilog 3.
Each has 4 names to echo the 4-foldedness aspect of reality.
Getting the Table set for The Symphony of History (phrase TSOH from ERH in ‘Fruit of Lips) is, as is said, ‘half the battle’. Some want to contribute talent, some need to study a subject, some have had a trauma to be healed in community. [there is much opportunity for working with people BETWEEN weeks]. The Conductor, Day 8 (and 1 and 12) finds these friends, explains the benefits, proposes the other 3 names, gets a schedule set up (5 weeks)…etc.  We’ve started in the middle.  A short explanation, 6 minutes, is on YouTube—and a TSOH/Symphony in which we did NOT sit around the table, to our detriment, is there too.  Thus: 6 minutes:  Previous attempt at TSOH: (@ 2 minutes in, history conducted) 

Page S4
Day 8 asks Day 4, Daniel, Godparents For Eldsters, 5th Word: What imperative impacts your Calling, GFE.?  Impacts you or someone else. (To page S15)

 Fill in the blank: Day 8 initiates to Day 4 in your new symphony: __________________

The title could have been
Players (do-ers, be-ers, composers…) will be taught, and shown, lovingly, how to compose and perform solos @ 500 words, more each of 4 weeks, from root), and become conductors.  The Conductor will put all into a Symphony, and the whole will be a Symphony--diachronic and synchronic.  Lord willing.  Love in King Jesus,  Chuck

Day 8 continues asking in the order of 8 x, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,-9
Day 9 is Ascension, West, Freedom and Technology, and ERH’s ‘Any new technology increases the space over which one can operate, decreases the time it takes, and destroys the old group.

 And now the alternating chapter about the history and impact of The Symphony of History.

The idea is to proleptically (anticipatorily) recapitulate…everything, in a bare structure, as the Book of Revelation.  When we did Opus 3 in 1997, I had only listened to JBJ’s lectures on Exodus, so we did the first 4 days, and had a different ending of writing.
You might watch Opus 22, in which Chuck erred by not having people around a table, and by not telling of the response, that it should be a couple of minutes about the whole, or some more significant Initiations/Questions. It’s here, in other segments.

Table of Contents

Week One (Page S1): Transcendent Imperative Law, starts on this date: _____________
Week Two (Page S15): Subjective Lyrical Hierarchy, starts on this date: ______________
How has your imperative become better? See Epilog 10, Gardner, Chapter 5.
What new persons, new speech are there? See Epilog 10, Gardner, Chapter 5.
[7 days/week of Rest and Help between Weeks Two and Three]
Week Three (Page S35): Lyrical Narrative Ethics, starts on this date: _________________
What new persons, new speech are there? See Epilog 10, Gardner, Chapter 5.
Week Four (PageS56): Objective Sanctions Fact, starts on this date: __________________
What new institutions are there? See Epilog 10, Gardner, Chapter 5.

Week Five (Page S79): Planetary Service Succession New Torah, starts on: _____________
What planetary service can be done? How? See Epilog 10, Gardner, Chapter 5.
Short: Imperative, New Persons/ Speech New Institutions, Planetary Service What/ How.
[In actual building, there is a Sabbath between weeks two and three for the Conductor to help] (Add Sayers’ Cuddle, Story, Parrot, Pert, Poet if desired).

Why this rhyming of three systems of 4-phases and 5-phases?

"The history of the human race is written on a single theme: How does love become stronger than death? The composition is recomposed in each generation by those whose love overcomes murdering or dying. So history becomes a great song, Augustine's Carmen Humanum. As often as the lines rhyme, love has once again become stronger than death. This rhyming, this connecting, is men's function on earth. But that this is our function we have only known since the birth of Christ." - Sociology II, p. 759

Page S5

Day 8, Chuck, Resurrection, asks Day 3, Donald, Language:: What imperative impacts your subject, Language from the Resurrection?  Impacts you or someone else. (This Initiation is forwarded also to Page S20, for Day 3’s Response

Fill in the blank: Day 8 initiates to day 3: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Alternating section on The Symphony of History in general.

Why do I call it ‘Art Form of the next Era’?  Consider: The Symphony of History is the art work of the next era, layered on top of the art forms of the previous eras, of course.

God made a 3-decker universe, and covenants. (I'll use the 5 Cs of liturgy: Call, Cleanse, Consecrate, Commune, Commission.  These are like the first 5 Words (Commandments).0

Liturgy is the art work of the first 1000 years --and before unperfected -- when the covenant (5 pt.) is oriented toward the Heavens above.
The Scientific Method is the covenant oriented toward the waters under the earth (Nature, reality minus speech: ERH). Newton was moved--called--into a new situation with the apple. He didn't know, but he was reassured that he could (Cleanse).  He consulted books--of nature (Galileo, written in mathematics) and what others had written. Then he tested his hypothesis, and confirmed it, as we do in Communion, and was commissioned to take it out to the world, for use.
TSOH? Called into a new group of singers/performers. You don't know how, but are taught first steps. The Conversation, Composition ensues. At the end, there's a Solo and a Symphony WITHIN.  Then TSOH is taken out, new Conductors, a record, a form one can use to do it with one's own group, or alone.
You could also say that this is Cuddle, Story, Parrot, Pert, Poet??

The art form of the next era.  McCloskey, in 'Bourgeois Dignity' calls this conjective truth, not subjective or objective, but the truth arrived at in serious conversation.

Thus, Art.

Three Reasons to Ask A Question
1—To help yourself in your composing of your own solo
2—To help another to compose his or her solo
3—To help the group
Later, not only Days 1, 8, and 12 will be able to ask a question not in the formal order, but each Day may be able to do so also. One can then initiate to 2 or more Days, such that they work together.
Extra ‘remarks’ can be made, to be in the total history of the Opus.
--The best pastoral counseling may be outside the formal structure—

Aha!  A thought for improvement—see day 10 or 11.  Every S page has 3 parts. A move in the Symphony, some background, and another ‘it coulda been the title’  Make it so.

Page S6

Day 8 asks Day 2, Robert, ‘Heard?’ with Jordan of ‘Occupy until I come’:: What imperative impacts your Calling, ‘Heard?’  Impacts you or someone else. (To page S18)

Day 8 asks Day 1, Chuck, YOHAD: What imperative impacts your Calling, YOHAD?’  Impacts you or someone else. (To page S16)

Day 8 to Day 2: ___________________________________________________________


Day 8 to Day 1:______________________________________________________


Alternating section on The Symphony of History in general. This catches us up with much that needs to be done before we enter into having a Day Initiate a Universe (of questions).

1—There is a Question Bank, with both Initiations and Responses before the Epilogs.
2—Remember, we are working, Lord willing, to mature players (incubators) into Conductors of history.  Train conductors, electricity conductors, orchestra conductors (singing and dancing). Re: electricity.  When a good man dies, great power is released into the field of time. Thus, communion.
3—Epilog 6, alternative titles.  A name is the most difficult to do. See section 3, here, re: ERH, a short summary of his life and work and influence:
4—When you play face-to-face, you can give pieces of paper with initiations to each of the other to-become-conductors. In an earlier version, a child of one player watched us, and wanted to ask some questions on papers passed, and she got on her father’s lap and did so.
5—Here’s in what order  Day 4 will receive, First Receiver/Responder,.
Day Four Responds. The retuning is between weeks.

4x [For this week, a player does not ask himself a question. This self-consciousness is developed]



[The only initiation received so far] Day 8 asks Day 4, Daniel, Godparents For Eldsters, 5th Word: What imperative impacts your Calling, GFE.?  Impacts you or someone else. (To page 15)


Page S7

Day 8 asks Day 9, West: What imperative impacts your Calling, YOHAD?’  Impacts you or someone else. (To page S23)

Day 8 to Day 9 _________________________________________________________

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