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Filling Up Opus 49-2 'Want Peace? Read On.'

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Let’s continue!
 Day 8, Chuck, Resurrection, asks Day 6, Lo!, Revelation 22, Bride adorned for Her Husband: What imperative comes from the Resurrection, and impacts your subject, Marriage Impacts you or someone else.

(This Initiation is forwarded also to Page S19, for Day 6’s Response (IR= City in Hebrew!).

The title could have been
Singing The New Era
My Wife Thinks This Is Pompous
There Are 5 Mistakes, And You’re Making 3 Of Them
Art Form Of The Next Era
Build A Peace Tribe: BAPT!
Tic Toc Timing: Tabernacle in Conversation, Tabernacle of Conversation
How to Compose and Sing a New Era
Compose a New Era
How to Sing a New Era

Fill in the blank:  Day 8 initiates to Day 6:_____________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________
What Are Some Benefits?
1—This, The Symphony Of History is, I claim, the art form of the next era.
2—It applies a 5-point covenant structure to the Earth Beneath, people, made of dust.
3—After He Who Reversed The Trend (Jesus) the first era oriented the covenant toward the Heavens Above, in the liturgy of the church, the order of worship.
4—The second era oriented the covenant toward the Waters Under The Earth, the scientific method.
5—These layers exist at the same time.
6—What will be the era after next?  If Luther’s hymns would be a model, it would be something such as TrinityGod, for sometimes his hymn verses go the Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost, All.
7—So, we recapitulate the structure of events in history, and we anticipate the coming events. This helps us know what to do when.
8—We help each other in community. So, we keep the small enthusiastic groups of the tribes, and avoid the perpetual warfare of the tribes.  Rosenstock, in Universal History 1954, an inspiration for this work, said that doing these two things was the key to glorifying the tribal order, in our neo-tribal time.  Greece is a companion, the Church glorified Israel by getting rid of exclusiveness, and the nation-state glorified the empire by getting rid of slavery.
9—It’s enjoyable.  It’s timely. It’s comprehensive. It has beauty.  The Imperative of what Hartman outlines as a 4-part, yea 5, covenant structure.
10—Start with a short question and answer, and in a few weeks end with a solo on your trauma/talent/subject: calling, and learn to conduct a Symphony, preparatory to conducting History, Lord willing, under God.

One hypothesis is that procedural memory, for music, as mentioned in the Wearing case in Sacks’ ‘Musicophilia’ can be trained to work so as to keep one in history, with memory. A second hypothesis is that there is some analog in the body of society, such that the society’s procedural/musical memory can be retained,
and not suppressed/repressed. Trust in Providence.
Hint: Payton says that ‘Liturgy is the best long-term care of souls’.

This will take months.  This is the first day. Host12047Opus47FillInTheBlanks 90 pages. 
Enter a Great Adventure!

Order of initiations in week one of four: 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 9. Response, though, will be 4 (15), 1 (16), 5 (17), 2 (18), 6 (19), 3 (20),7(21), 8 (23—if 8 asked self a question this week!),9 (24) —a retuning! [See James Jordan’s Revelation audios and notes—the big one—at, and/or fro Rev. 5:12/7:12 retuning.]

Thus ends the second letter, and the posted parts.

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