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A Healing Prophetic Theater from Opus 49 of TSOCI

This is an example of a report that could be produced within the 5 weeks of a sit-down asquare a table, in Opus 49 of TSOCHI, Sing A New Era! (S.A.N.E.). Jointly by Day 5 (Healing) and Day 8 (Resurrection), Lord willing. Ps. 19:14 The Symphony Of Comprehensive History Interactive = TSOCHI

5 references will be combined.
Healing Prophetic Theater will be produced.  We will do it. Lord willing.
Psalm 19:14. ‘Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength (rock), and my redeemer.

1—Days of the week.
A—Start with orbs in the solar system listed in order of closest to earth, sunward or not.
B--1—Moon, 2—Venus, 3—Mercury, 4—Sun, 5—Mars, 6—Jupiter, t—Saturn (as we name them now)
C—Retune them by something similar to a  ‘circle of fifths’ in music.  That is, starting with the last of a series (7—Saturn) count it as 1 in a new series of 5, and find the next in a new set of 7, thus, 7, 1, 2, 3, 4 – Sun(day)
54671 = Moon (Monday)
12345= Mars (Tiw or Tir is the Norse (?) god of war, as Mars is for Roman (Tuesday))
56712=Venus or Fria (Norse?) this one does NOT fit, but is switched with 3 or Mercury, Woden/Wotan (Wednesday) (An hypothesis is that speed in orbit makes a difference?)
23456 = Jupiter (Thor?) (Thursday
67123 = Mercury (See Wednesday and Friday switch above)
34567 = Saturn (Saturday)

C—Is there precedent for this?  Yes.  James Jordan claims that when the Ascension is pictured in Revelation 5:12 – 7:12, there is a similar change [plus more] in the attributes of Jesus Christ, thus

5:12—1--power, and 2--riches, and 3--wisdom, and 4--strength, and 5--honor, and 6--glory, and 7--blessing

I put the numbers in for what appear, in English, to be the same attributes—it may be different in Greek, and I have lost my notes made by Jordan.  Wonderfully, these lectures for Sunday School don’t cost the thousand + I paid for them on tape, but can be found at for a hundred or so for the whole set.

7:12 7?--Blessing, and 6?--glory, and 3?--wisdom, and thanksgiving, and 5?--honor, and 1?--power, and might

For a strict circle of fifths-like re-tuning, one would have strength, power, honor, riches, glory, wisdom, blessing.

Conclusion:  There are hints in Revelation, and it’s closer in the names of the days.

Jordan notes 3 other changes: if I remember correctly: 1—the attributes have ‘the’ in front of them in 7:12, 2--the words are sung, not said, and 3—musical instruments are used.

I would say that we are to fill in the blanks, inpsalmodic response to the Spirit, the Breath?

Speaking of that, is there another re-tuning, that is, were we to take 4152637 and do another circle of fifths, what would we get? Answer: 2461357.

OK 2461357:  Now, what new names would we put in, ad the orbs take the place of attributes?

I propose the 7 churches, modified.  Modified with an addition to Laodicea of the ‘K’ of ‘kol’ in Hebrew—God ‘kol-ed’ the Decalogue from Sinai—and Octave, for He Who Reversed The Trend By Rising On The Eighth (Day). The 8th church, Jerusalem, some say, was supposed to be watching what God did with the 7.  Also, we should be epistemologically self-conscious and include ourselves, Earth.  I am surely mistaken in some respects.

Also, I turn the order upside down.  We are those who do that.  So, K.O.L.Ymmm (from yom, Hebrew for day, and adding a physical ‘note,’ that we ‘eat’ time, we are with the I AM, con-sum (ing).

K.O.L.Ymmm, SardisYmmm, (this will probably become Sardsym, or something similar, as WotansTag (German) becomes Wednesday.

K.O.L.Ymmm, SardisYmmm, PergamosYmmm, EphesusYmmm, PhiladelphiaYmmm, ThyatiraYmmm, SmyrnaYmmm.

Does this make a liturgy, or 3 liturgies (yes, it can, as the Beatitudes can also) and is there another retuning?  The answer to the latter is that 2461357 become 72461, or 1 and then 13572, 24613, 35724, 46135, 57246, 61357, or back to 1234567, and if we do that, we do NOT join in reversing the trend.

I can expand on these liturgies if desired, but let us go now to a healing prophetic theater.

2—Dr. Myss, in ‘Anatomy of the Spirit’ identifies 7 areas of the body with Roman Catholic sacraments, and more. I identify these with 1234567 for our purposes.

Were an energy medicine person to balance the energies in these areas, and identify blockages, dark areas, problems, this could be diagnosis and a step toward healing.

1=Baptism, feet.  2=Communion, genitals, 3= Confirmation, gut, 4=Marriage, heart
5=Confession, mouth 6=Ordination/Calling, eyes, mid-forehead, 7=Last rites, , crown

3--Reiki (good energy), Cranial-Sacral Therapy (Upledger Institute and others), and more are some energy medicines.  Myss identifies Hindu Chakras, and Jewish thinking too

4—Murchie, in ‘The Seven Mysteries of Life,’ identifies 32 senses.
Perhaps some of them may apply to the Proposed Healing Prophetic Theater below.  He list 5 TYPES of senses: Radiation, Feeling, Chemical, Mental, The Spiritual.  Pages 178-180.
Several that stand out are these:

Radiation: 3—Sensitivity to radiation other than visible light, including radio waves, x-rays, gamma rays, etc., but omitting most of the temperature and electromagnetic senses.
4—Temperature sense, including ability to insurlate, hibernate, estivate, etc.  This sense is known to have its own separate nerve networks.
5—Electromagnetic sense, which includes the ability to generate current (as in the electric eel), awareness of magnetic polarity (possessed by many insects), and a general sensitivity to electromagnetic fields.
Feeling: 7—Awareness of pressure, particularly underground and underwater, as through the lateral line of fish, the earth tremor sense of burrowers [CHH—animals flee impending earthquakes and tsunamis, some say] the barometric sense, etc.
8—Feel, particularly touch on the skin and the proprioceptive  [CHH—awareness of self] awareness of intra-and intermuscular motion (sic), tickling, vibration sense (such as the spider feels), cognition of heartbeat, blood circulation, breathing, etc.
9—The sense of weight and balance.
Mental: 25—Language and articulation sense, used to express feelings and convey information in every medium from the bees’ dance to human literature.
27—Intuition or subconscious deduction.
28—Esthetic sense, including creativity and appreciation of music, literature, drams, of graphic and other arts.
Spiritual: 32—Spiritual sense, including conscience, capacity for sublime love, ecstasy, a sense of sin, profound sorrow, sacrifice, and, in rare cases, cosmic consciousness.

I’ve just scratched the surface here.
Much is missing.

5—Chaos Theory postulates, famously, that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in the Amazon
can cause a blizzard in North Dakota.
5a—We also know that there are resonances, similarities in patterns, as shown above, and in the idea that one prayer may change things (when in God’s will), and that the Tabernacle (and other buildings in history) re-present, represent, for example in the Tabernacle:  the world, Israel, the individual, Jesus (coming), etc.
Proposal for Healing Prophetic Theater. The butterfly flapping may resonate as the body is ‘played’ like a musical instrument (Neil Diamond song?), thus praying toward healing in all resonances of person, communities, covenants, elements of Creation.

We use the senses listed and others, being self-conscious.

We go through the energy balancing, perhaps at the end of a session of Reiki or some energy medicine, touching upon, perhaps only mentally (as CHH does with Emotional Freedom Techniques), in the order as follows: 1234567, that is, from baptism through last rites.  Then 4152637, and this, most importantly, shows that we parrot the re-tuning at the Ascension and in the names of days, at this time.  Then 8531642, this showing that we are pert poets, in Sayers’ senses, and in Ephesians 2:8-10, mature ones who ‘see’ redemptive history, in the Holy War against the devil and his angels, the devil being God’s devil (Luther).

The 21 ‘touches’, and the retuning, make a 22.
This is a completeness.  The Hebrew alphabet. Psalm 119.
We pray for the Completeness of GodTrinity.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie ‘Chuck’ Hartman
Wednesday, September 24, A. D. 2014
PS: This is a holiday week in HOST/House Of Singing Times, a calendar that I pray will engender peace with a new layer of social order, glorifying the tribes, by keeping small enthusiastic groups, while getting rid of the perpetual warfare of the tribes.  I call it, the second of 3 holiday periods as I write the liturgy on the year of Pascha to Pascha. Resurrection to Resurrection.  The Battle Of The Mountain Of Festival Assembly/TBOTMOFA.  In it, the ‘8s’/last weeks of Jordan’s 49-book Bible are the names of the days, in 8531642 sequence.  Wednesday, then, the 4th day of the week, would be the first 8 (8531), or Joshua, forward, and Hebrews backward.  Yes, this is written out, and shown on a couple of pages.
So, not only Wedneday, but Joshua/Hebrews day
Not only September 24 (HOST does not do months), but TBOTMOFA (HOST does weeks as books, usually)
Not only A. D. 2014, but PhiladelphiaCORAM861, thus the 6th year (Resurrection to Resurrection) of the 861st set of 7 years, since Creation.  CORAM is Latin for face, or presence.  It is also an acronym, a high word, for Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi (year of the world.
So Joshua/Hebrews, TBOTMOFA, PhiladelphiaCORAM861
PPS: (Oops!  I forgot to add more of the prophetic theater:  Jeremiah with his yoke, Ezekiel lying on his side, etc.)

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