Thursday, June 3, 2010

Outline of Lectionary Historical for 'America'

Working on outline of Lectionary Historical for 'America'. 4 parts. 1492-Present, forward and backward. Present + 490, forward and backward. The backward is the key. What would a discipled America look like, and how did we get there. Bellamy's 'Looking Backward.'

Memes would be woven throughout, a new garment, Heb. 1:12.

We'd go before Columbus. Many evidences of contact before, and: What impelled him to explore?

Outline only, to be filled in as we go, 10 years per week/sheba in the 49-week year/coram.

W're now in the 9th week since Easter, so 8 have gone by, so 1492-1572, aha! St. Augustine founded, maybe first Thanksgiving on North American continent.

The 'vision' of a discipled America will be the key.

[Or, America may be in the line of Jerusalem, Antioch, Constantinople, Europe....? The whole planet is missionized, native churches in every land: Just Gonzalez, Christian Thought Revisited. (And his 3 threads of legal, philosophical, and pastoral/historical would be good to apply and amplify)]


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