Thursday, June 3, 2010

A wise one asked for more explanation of 'America' LH

Thanks for asking for more explanation of "Lectionary Historical for 'America' "

Here goes.

It's kinda like this. Well, many churches have readings from the Bible each week, on an organized basis. For example, a Psalm, an Epistle, a Gospel, an Old Testament. In that way, most (all) of the Bible is read in public worship over a period of time.

This is called a Lectionary.

That's good for the Bible, what about history? I thought, well, we seem to be somewhat deficient in our understanding of the Providential ordering of history by God.

Why don't we do something similar to the Lectionary of Bible readings, only for history.

What hath God wrought?

Here's a simpler example. One simpler one is to take the time from A. D. 70 to now, about 1940 years, or 40 years per time period. (I'll get to America later).

Each week--I start at Easter--we think about/research what was most significant about the next 40 years. Thus, A. D. 7--110, what happened, what would God have us remember about what He did?

So, after 7 week,s we have 280 years @ 7 x 40. From A. D. 70 to A. D. 350, what is the most significant thing that God has done? I'd say that through witnessing, He has converted the Roman Empire!

And we work backward, and from 1730-2010, I'd say, Industrial Revolution.

Thus we learn our history, and we learn to apprehend big chunks of history.

Now, America. There is much lamenting, much desire for change and/or retention of good things. But do we see it as a sequence of God's actions?

Maybe if, during the course of a year (I have 49 ordinary weeks, but 52 would work) if we studied 10 year periods, and longer times, we could 'see' 'America' in the longer run of history.

So, going forward and backward.

The part about envisioning a discipled 'America' 490 years hence comes from the great success (in a negative way) of Bellamy's 'Looking Backward' He went into the future in his imagination, and wrote about what he thought it could be like.

It had great effect.

Dear friends, please stick with me on this, it is a new-born babe, and I hope to get more good comments such as yours so as to improve it, so that we can know what we need to do, as we know the times, as sons of Issachar.

Please ask more. I am a poor writer and this is a difficult subject. It seems good to me, but we need 2 or 3 witnesses, at least.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: A friend of mine has organized the time, according to Ussher, from Creation to A. D. 70, into a grid of 49 squares, each with 81 years. Then he has put marks for significant events on the squares. I'll send you a copy on request.

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