Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Holidays For The Year, Plus

Holidays for this year, plus.

We use the 49-book Bible.

Each week is named for a book.

We are not under 'moonths' (sic).

There are 4 additional weeks devoted to holidays.

53 total weeks.

We start on Easter Sunday. (Resurrection, Pascha).

The week after Easter Sunday is 1.

The Big Picture. Easter, 10 weeks, holiday week.
Then 11 weeks, another holiday.
Then 11 weeks, another holiday--this one for two weeks.
17 more weeks, it's Easter again.


The holidays are a week long.

They are echoing a liturgy.

Easter, we come in.
Public Vindication is like unto cleansing, confession, etc. Also Red Sea Crossing. A.D. 70.
The Battle Of The Mountain Of Festival Assembly is like Sinai. Decalogue. sermon. Constantine converts.
Total Christ is like Communion, Lord's Supper, Conquest of the Land. Christian Europe.

There are other analogies, types/anti-types.

Public Vindication this year was June 13-19.
TBOTMOFA this year is September 5-11. (A Symphony of Peace (History) is suggested to be done 2 weeks before, and 2 weeks after. Were a congregation to do one per year, it would be good history. Imagine if we had a series of maturing Symphony for our church through the years!).
Total Christ this year is November 28-December 11.

I name things differently, as you may know. A week is a sheba, a 7/oath.
Each day has its book of the 49 also.
There is a Psalm O Day. (See separate note).
A year is a coram (face, presence in Latin). Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi.
The days of the sheba/week are renamed and retuned. (This is in a separate note). They also show, in Symbol, the Language, that the present house/B/Beth is caused by the past and the future. The past and the future do not cause the present, that's heresy: Rosenstock-Huessy.

Did I mention that books of the week/sheba are named in a backwards and retuned order also? (We do go straight from 1-49, for maturational purposes also, but that is not the key way. Resurrection Week is Hebrews, the last week/sheba is Exodus, thus we accomplish our demise/exodos (sic) in Jesus.

I know this is confusing. It's early days. This is learned more by living it. I'm young at it myself.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: When I learn to put a grid from Word into a PDF, I can post this.
The 'seasons' in this CalendarHOST are based on the Beatitudes, and are each 7 ordinary weeks.
Holiday weeks are not ordinary weeks, but are mountains in time, and the days therein, respectively, are named for books, in special ways, from the 7x7 grid.

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