Tuesday, June 22, 2010

HelpMeDays. Your Own Memory Palace.

HelpMe Days. M'aidezMaydayMaeDay.

It's the first of HelpMe Days. This is the Repentance Walk, Chuck's. CRW. On July 4th is Conferences and Food. This year, the Hebrew letter He (Lo! Behold!). Thomas Sazsz?' Ceremonial Chemistry' and the medical tribe's pharmaceuticals. Memory Palace you can use next. MaeDay80.


What we do on MaeDay80 (80th day inclusive after Easter/Pascha) is walk around the square +, matching the Guilt, Grace, Graditude of the Heidelberg Catechism, the heart, with the chronology of Mae in town.

We've added GoForth+ as the fourth side.

This idea came to me on the celebration of the Circumcision of Our Lord, A. D. 2005. New Year's Eve/Day, 8 days after Nativity, Christmas.

Thus, we remember the Heidelberg Catechism, the events, it's a circumcision, and a zero of confession, a fish of Jesus Christ God's Son Savior (I CH TH Y S), a stitch of the new vestment (Hebrews 1:12). Also a tattoo, and more.

Start before the Southwest Corner at a book place, go east on Guilt, north on Grace, west on Gratitude, and south on GoForth+, to the pro-life pregnancy center. Word to flesh.

I could detail a significant event on each leg and corner, but this year I am teaching Memory Palace. See above. Use this for your own traumatic experience.

However, on GoForth+ Street this year we have improvement. We are not amillennial--that was one of the problems.

We turn liabilities into assets, the mark of the Christian Era.

Here are a few. B3 and Bio-Osidative. Knights Of Helping Elderly Neighboes. Rescue Team. Godparents for Eldsters. Symphony of Peace (nee History), with newsong pre-capitualtion helped by training in new song composition at each of 4 stages of maturity, retaining True Speech, but working toward 'ringing true' as engendering the new Instruction. Names of days now include in Symbol, that the past and future cause the present. EphesusBmoY, etc.

bloom's 'The Genius of the Beast' and Myss' 'The Anatomy of the Spirit' are both rhymes, in the rhyming of sequences, of covenants. A 7x7 of chakras and types of consciousness. The Logy of Phenomenological Logic of the Decalogue.

And more. The Girard funeral conntinues to stand out as what must be strongly taught, for restoration of family. We pray, this is a prayer, this whole thing, for the others, and ourselves. I have long ago confessed to manstealing.

Love in King Jesus,

MaeDay80, being PergamosBmoY, RomansShebah, KOLCoram861
Tuesday, June 22, A. D. 2010.

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