Monday, June 14, 2010

Public Vindication Week--Conducting History (A. D. 70)

Public Vindication Week--Conducting History (A. D. 70)

All religions enshrine their truths in calendars: Rosenstock-Huessy.

History is the record of those things that happen once, for the first time, forever.

Our job is to conduct them.

That is, to strongly remember them, so as to pass them on.

A. D. 70 is such a thing.

There is much dispute about it. Preterists, full preterists, hyper-preterists say that it was the end, I mean the total end, Christ came back, it's over. That kind of thing.

Futurists hold that it's about what WILL happen in the future, Revelation is, and that A. D. 70 was of little importance, the Temple will have to be rebuilt, etc.

One thing is common is that it was about TRANSITION.

Amillennialists hold that Christ will come again, but that's about all that can be said.

Post-millennialists hold that Christ has conquered, and that we are mopping up, that a millennium will come, but that Satan will again be loosed to be defeated at the Second Coming. The Kingdom has come, already, not yet. Definitively, progressively, finally. Ephesians 2:6 is true, we are seated with Christ in the Heavenlies.

Historicism was the view prominent during the Reformation. It held that the 7 churches were 7 ages, and that the last age was then. Luther held that the Pope was Anti-Christ.

I'm operating with a calendar that shows that A. D. 70 was the 11th Day. 6 Days of Creation, Adam fell on the 7th and Jesus did not on the Cross. Resurrection was the 8th Day, Ascension the 9th, Pentecost the 10th, and we await the 12th.

In this calendar, there are 49 weeks, each named for a book of the Bible, considered as 49.

After 10 weeks, Public Vindication, celebration of A. D. 70. For a week. The days of that week (sheba) are named for the 4th books of each of the 7 sevens of the 49, in order 4152637, as our days were named, for the planets (sun and moon included) in their retuned distance from earth. More on that later, but since Eph. 2: 6 is true, better to name our days non-astrologically, after the churches in Revelation.

Then, after 11 more is The Battle Of The Mountain Of Festival Assembly, and after 11 more are two weeks of Total Christ, and after 17 more, the exodos (sic) has been accomplished for us.

More on this as the year, the celebration of resurrection anno mundi, goes along.

I call this calendar House Of Singing Times.

In the next note, I will list the 1-49 books. In HOST (the calendar) I have retuned the books, and they flow backward.

And I have words that go with this world-model building. The Beatitudes and Woes, The Seven-Twelve Days, The Churches.

The Lord be with you,

Today, Mondayy [SardisBmoY in ordinary time] is Numbers. The order of the fourth books, in 4152637 is 4th Seven, Luke; 1st Seven, Numbers; then 52637, respectively, 2 Peter, Job, Galatians, Ezekiel, 2 Timothy.
God wrote books.

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