Saturday, June 12, 2010

Discipled Society of societies in A. D. 2121?: Preliminary Notes

Discipled Society of societies in A. D. 2121?: Preliminary Notes

Let's start toward a vision of what a discipled, Christian world would look like, a 'Looking Backward' type of thing. Every thing someone says is wrong, has a Biblical answer. Let's start with biggest expenditures, largest people involvement. USFEDerally, its' Social Security, Medicare, Interest, War. We have too large a prison population, when restitution, etc. could be used. Education is Propaganda of the wrong type. We could go on.
Now what are some good trends? Gatekeeping mass media is failing. Debt is becoming overwhelming, and could cause great problems until maybe a new thing comes. MIT has its whole curriculum online, free. And lots of audio and electronic pringt media. General distrust, de-sacralization of the civil magistrate.
I'm sure there are other things of more importance than that.
But let's look 100 years in the future, and plot a timeline (see L. Neil Smith's libertarian time-line in The Probability Broach).
2020--more default
2022--'New Zealand' [Imprimis] policies in rest of world start
2025--newspapers, TV failings
2030--homeschooling reaches 25%
2035--prison population halved as churches help rehabilitate
2040--more squeezing of elderly
2045--wars, but not involving USA as much
2050--Muslims have gold currency

Well, this is a horrible list, but you see the point. We can start from 2121 and work backward, but we don't quite have the vision of what it would look like, without knowing what parts of what is bad that we get rid of first.

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