Sunday, June 20, 2010

Holidays determine culture. Why?

Holidays determine culture. Why?

A holiday is when 1--the whole people 2--celebrate one thing 3--together and 4--that one thing is an event that happened once 5--for the first time 5--forever.

Now, holidays can be translated out of darkness into light, as for instance in the case in which it is claimed that a pagan Saturnalia was transformed into The Feast of the Nativity, aka 'Christmas'.

After god converted (Constantine was considered a god, but he became a Christian) pagan temples were remodeled into Christian churches.

Another example: The Roman Empire prepared the way for the spread of the Gospel by having some better kind of legal system, and by having roads that Paul could travel on, and by having relative safety of sea travel. Plus, the Gospel was prepared for by having synagogues spread about.

Something similar to this will be happening in a big was as the Beatitudinal Field is realized and put into play. Since the Beatitudes (and Woes, one system) are more comprehensively more beautiful than other such systems, but since analogs have been planted out there, we disciplers as we go can baptize and teach whatsoever He has commanded by acknowledging the similar speech, and translating it.

Thus, is Socrates' 'I am wiser than any other man because I know nothing' in as comprehensively beautiful a system/matrix as 'Blessed are the poor in Spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven"?

No, and we have just begun to Beatudinize and Woe.

Love in King Jesus to all who celebrated Father's day.'s_Day
You might also look up All Souls.

PS: Tell me a man's schedule (or a culture's) and I'll tell you who he (she) is.

PPS: Two book that are doing some rhyming of Sequences are Myss' 'Anatomy of the Spirit' in which she rhymes the sacraments of the Roman Catholic church, Hindu chakras, and some Kaballah.
Also, Bloom's TREMENDOUS 'The Genius of the Beast'.
[They both need to be translated, but we have been given that to do.]

PPPS: As the holiday was the 4th stage of the Decalogue, we may be in a fourth stage after Jesus. It may be holiday-making time.

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