Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Symphony of Peace trains us for....

The Symphony of Peace trains us for.... Here is how it seems to me: You can't get away from 'em, you have to manage 'em. That is, we are constantly being confronted with Initiations that are in the form of a 'universe,' and our Response, must be psalmodic, that is, it must find the spirit of the Initiation, and apply it to other situations, as in Psalm 1:1. The I and the R make an IR, or 'city' in Hebrew. This is the key to the question of 'The Law' in post-Resurrection life. We are confronted with the whole Bible (and history). It is composed. We must respond, as adults, and compose that over which God has given us stewardship. Love in King Jesus, Chuck PS: The Symphony of Peace (History) aka School of Prophets trains us for this.

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