Monday, May 31, 2010

People Have Been Most Interested In--Knights and Godparents

I usually write about more difficult topics, so it is more difficult to understand what I write. I thought this one was fairly clear. So, I must find out what problem I'm solving with what I am doing. What is it, Doug? I'm thinking, the rhythm and timing of a whole life. If so, large numbers of people don't want to confront that, maybe? So I need to write so as to solve a typological part of that problem. For instance, a Lectionary Historical of America? At 10 years per week, we get close to 490 + 1492 (1982). That might work. Were I even better, I'd test to find out what topics people want to know about. So far, Doug, I've had people become more interested in Knights Of Helping Elderly People and Godparents For Eldsters.

And awaaaaaay we go!

Love in King Jesus,


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