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Knights Of Helping Elderly Neighbors and Godparents For Eldsters

Knights Of Helping Elderly Neighbors and Godparents For Eldsters
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What do you think of something similar to sponsors or godparents that some have for babes, but will be protection for those who will become babe-like, the elderly? Given our present situations these will, it seems to me, be inadequately protected by family and civil magistrate. They will be enfeebled, and vulnerable, and befuddled.

I have proposed that those @ 60 have such protectors from the congregation, preferably, who are @ 40, and that this could also be a parachurch ministry, such as Peacemakers.

Older ones, and those struggling with helping elderly relatives have been very receptive. I have talked to a small sample.

Love in King Jesus,


PS: This has not yet 'flown' in the church, so I have 8 friends who are somewhat trained to help, and family. It's a mustard seed. People like being knights.


After the Fall of Rome, impenetrable forests kept warring tribes apart. Then came hermits, and then land-clearing monasteries, and then peasants sharecropping on the cleared land, benefiting from the monasteries' knowledge of when to sow and when to reap. Problem arose though--the tribes had not barrier against perpetual raiding. What to do? Church authorities gradually proclaimed the Truce of God. No fighting on Sunday, no fighting during Lent, or Christmas, etc. So it became that a state of war (raiding tribes) became a state of peace (war must be declared, and for good reason. this took 700 years. (Rosenstock-Huessy lectures). And now we are back to a tribal or pagan situation in which there is war without declaration for good reason. How to get Peace, for it is not the impenetrable (natural) forest that keeps warring social units apart, but a mish-mash of organizations, poorly covenanted, poorly articulated. The forest of nature--reality minus speech--has become the mish-mash. New hermits must go in, new mish-mash clearing Christian organizations, new ones to share in the clearing, with the aid of the knowledge of the Christian organizations. I'm attempting to do a little in this area with Knights Of Helping Elderly Neighbors. In my Notes. An application of the 5th word and James 1:27.!/note.php?note_id=414197921507


James 1:27 [Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.]

This is my main new effort. It's based on the Truce of God emerging from the forests that kept warring/raiding tribes apart @ A. D. 400. Then came the hermits, then the monks, then the sharecropping peasants onto the land cleared. Problem: The forests did not keep raiders out now. Solution: The Church had enough authority, from owning the land and from the science of when to plant, etc. that 'No fighting on the Lord's Day' became the fact. No fighting during Lent, no fighting .... and peace became something that had to be broken by declaration of war, etc.

Then knaves hanging around courts became knights (ERH says the Church did it) protecting the highways, made denser with traffic because the horse collar allowed 10x as much to be pulled.

400-1100, organization of land. 1100-1500, organization of skills (knights). 1500-1900, organization of markets. ... I say 1900-2000, world missions.

One, few, many, all. Hermits, monks, sharecroppers, Truce. Land, skills, markets, world.

And there are the Knights Hospitaller.

I substitute social relations for natural land. In our present situation, Barzun and Creveld among others say that our institutions, especially the nation-state, are failing because of lack of justice and a currency that will not avail.

But the various covenantal organizations are, in a primitive way, as the land was--the do keep some raiders out.

I hope and pray, eventually, Lord willing, that members of the Rescue Team will become Knights Of Helping Elderly Neighbors (acronymic pun intended).

This might be done with the small sums of money I have given each to hold for me. I'll never see it again, for it will be used to help with rescue, or, were I to die without needing it, for some other like person.

You, the authorities of the church, and/or her assigns (as with the members of the Knights of Helping Elderly Neighbors, previously Rescue Team), also have the authority to see all my medical records and to rescue me from an abusive situation.

You see, I must train the members to be wise a serpents and harmless as doves, for the present organizations, in far too many cases, do not pay attention to the covenantal organizations. In other words, bad results happen when only families are involved.

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