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CalendarHOST for this 'year' (coram)


April 14 is Celebration of Resurrection/Easter and Starts SardisCoram861

1—Apr 4
Hebrews 2—Apr 11
Titus 3—Apr 18
1st Timothy 4—Apr 21
1 Thess 5—May 2
Phlmn 6--May 9
2 Tim. 7—May 16
2 Thess. 1 B/W + (poor in spirit) [ Matt. 23 woes]
8—May 23
Colossians 9—May 30
Eph 10—June 6
[A—June 13, PV]
2. Cor [A—June 13, PV]
11—June 20
Romans 12—June 27
Phllp 13—July 4
Galat 14—July 11
1 Corinthians 2 B/W+
15—July 18
3 John 16—July 25
Jude 17—August 1
1 Peter 18—August 8
1 John 19—August 15
2 John 20—August 22
2 Peter 21—August 29 [B—September 5, TBOTMOFA]]
James 3 B/W+

B—September 5, TBOTMOFA]]
22—September 12
23—Sept 19
24—September 26
25—October 3
26—Oct 10
27—Oct 17
28—October 24
4 B/W+
--hunger and thirst
29—October 31
The Twelve 30—Nov 7
Dan. 31—Nov 14
Jer-Lam 32—Nov 21
CC #1—Nov 28 [TC],
CC #2—Dec 5
Isaiah CC #1—Nov 28 [TC],
CC #2—Dec 5
33—Dec 12
Esther 34—Dec 19
Ezekiel 35—December 26
Kings 5 B/W+ [merci-ful]
36--January 2
Ecclesiastes 37—Jan 9
Prov. 38—January 16
Psalms 39—January 23
Samuel 40—Jan 30
Song 41—Feb 6
Job 42 #1—February13
42 #2—February20
42 #3—February 27
[EAT] Ruth 6 B/W+
Pure in heart
43—March 6
Judges 44—Mar 13
Deut. 45—March 20
Leviticus 46—March 27
Genesis 47—April 3
Joshua 48—April 10
Numb. 49—April 17
Exodus 7 B/W+
pers., pers.
Books for each
week and day
and Psalm of Day, etc. in next.

1--Season of Blessed are the poor in spirit. Woe: Matthew 23:13. [Might also do First Day, and 8th Church (KOLWhole)]
2—Season of Blessed are those who mourn. Woe: Matthew 23:14. [Second Day, and 5th Church (SardisJudgment and Exile)]
3—Season of Blessed are the meek. Woe: Matthew 23:15. [Third Day, and 3rd Church/Era (Pergamos/Wilderness)]
The Battle Of The Mountain Of Festival Assembly is between 3 and 4
4—Season of Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. Woe: Matt. 23: 16-22. [4th Day
and 1st Church/Era (Ephesus/Garden)]
5—Season of Blessed are the merciful. Woe: Matthew 23:23-24. [5th Day and 6th Church/Era (Philadelphia/Restoration)]
6—Season of blessed are the pure in heart. Woe: Matthew 23: 25-26 [6th Day and 4th Church/Era (Thyatira/Kingdom)]
7—Season of blessed are the peacemakers, the persecuted, ye persecuted. Woe: Matthew 23:27-36.
[Days 7-12, and 2nd Church/Era (Smyrna/Prison)]

Next: Psalm O Day, Prayer O Day, Explanation of each HoliSheba, Explanation of Eliot/AnselmTime (EAT), General Instructions.
Coram is a Latin/English acronym. In Latin it means ‘face’ or ‘presence’. Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi.
Kol is a Hebrew/English acronym. God ‘kol’ed down from Sinai, and Kol, Octave (8th Day Theology) and Laodicea.

Add: Retuning. Add: List of Covenant Rhymes.

God wrote books.
The Bible is musical, and the overture of the 7 days is repeated and developed.
Good questions, such as Hebrews as 8th iteration of Day 7.
Lots of Covenant Rhymes.

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