Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Second Season: Blessed are those who mourn

A 49-book* Bible is put into a 7x7 field.
Each of the 7 horizontal rows has 7 books.
Each of the 7 horizontal rows is a season.
These seasons follow the Beatitudes.
[The last season has more than one]
They also follow the associated Woes in Matthew 13, and more.
This is the season of Blessed are Those Who Mourn.
These, I propose, are the words associated with the house of this era.
The words for the Tabernacle were the Decalogue words.
The words for the Temple were the Psalms.
Others will do better.
The advantage of this system is that God wrote books, and so the weeks are named for books.
Also, we are no longer under the moonths (sic).
Our life now is based on the fulfillment of the Jubilee, the 49.
More later.
See what I have named the days! [We are not under the planets now--we're not astrologers, there is a new Firmament]

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