Sunday, May 16, 2010

MomPoem: Her befuddlement made worse by drugs and social isolation


Too tired to write
Thank you
But a poem is a fight
To get down on paper
Pepsi is a health food
But when Mom awakes
May I?
Several times a night
It’s unhealthy
Is anyone there?
Can I help you?
What am I going to do?
Would you mind?
Don’t throw me away
I’ve got to get ready
They’re coming from the South
Thank goodness you’re here
Momma lives there
She’ll take us in
How did I get here?
Can I help you?
Isn’t that Ben cute?
Can we go see Momma--
Today? Do you have a mother?
I’ll get my clothes.
Thank you
I’ve got to get a job
Helping children, do they still do that?
Where are the kids?
Is anyone here?
That little boy, is he OK?
Doesn’t Ellyn or Eunice
Or Ramona live just over there?
Where is everyone?
Oh! Can we go today?
Home where everyone
helps each other
I’m glad you’re here
Don’t throw me away
Don’t leave me
Thank you.
2 years. Good years.

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