Friday, May 21, 2010

Let's apprehend some Big Chuncks (sic) Of Time [TM].

Let's apprehend some Big Chuncks (sic) Of Time [TM]. A. D. 70-A. D. 350: What Happened? A. D. 1830-A. D. 2010: What Happened? So, Pentecost is coming next Lord's Day. That means it will have been 7 weeks. Divide the time from A. D. 70 until Present into 49, and it's about 40 years per week. Apprehend forward and backward. 70 on, conversion of Empire. 2010 back, Industrial Revolution+. Other candidates?

Thanks! Yes, that is another wise candidate, a day as 1000 years. Also, I believe we're in a time when we are able to put together in wisdom, various calendar systems, for His glory. For example, there is the academic calendar, the community celebration calendar, the various church calendars, work schedules, etc. This that I am doing is another, the purpose of which is to help apprehend the weaving together of our historical garment, so that we can do things in a rightimely (sic--a Chuck-coined word) manner, neither too soon or too late.

Thanks again!

Love in King Jesus,
PS: Another way of using 'day' is that a day is that time of which you remember the before and after. 'Abraham saw my day'.

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