Sunday, May 23, 2010

Beatitudinal Field Aids Great Commission?

Beatitudinal Field Aids Great Commission? I would appreciate you reply (and help). Background: Some say that God prepared the way for Paul by having the Roman Empire ensure some safety of sea travel, and by having it have good roads, some law, etc. Now, I've thought that He may be doing the same, world-wide, with ideas similar enough to the Beatitudes to allow us to show the samenesses and differences as we witness. I call this the Beatitudinal Field. Blessed are the poor is Spirit would have analogs BUT none would have the comprehensiveness of the whole Beatitude--especially when the Woes are included (Matt. 23). For instance, a 'service' can be seen as we go through the Beatitudes. the poor in Spirit come in, mourn their weakness, are bouyed up by forgiveness, then the sermon even more, the blessed are the mercy is like the offering, etc.

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