Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Godparents for Eldsters and 2 other strategies

A wise one suggested that I start a 'Godparents for Eldsters' Facebook page. I think I will. The idea is that just as (James 1:27) some churches formalize that there will be replacements for parents who die early, to help raise the vulnerable children, and others say that this is (also) the whole congregation's responsibility, we should have sponsors/Godparents to protect those who will become enfeebled, befuddled, and vulnerable. Those about 60 would choose some @ 40 or so. Thus, we would have families, whole congregations, the civil magistrate, and special ones to help. A 'Fourth Time Around' idea (after Grant's 'Third Time Around, free on the web and at
Also,Knights of Helping Elderly Neighbors,!/note.php?note_id=414197921507

Also see MaeDay80.

Obviously, this is a pregnant situation.


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