Sunday, December 25, 2016

Rappoport Alien and Chinese Language, CHH Trinity

Rappoport wrote this in an email. This seed will be posted, I pray, with its expansion, onhis ‘No More Fake News’ site.
‘Our language tends to fall into two basic categories. The subject plus action-verb plus object sentence. Or the "sentences of being."
Jones broke the stone. Action.
Jones is a man. Being.
Two structures.
There is the little-known work of philosopher/linguist Ernest Fenollosa, the author of The Chinese Written Character as a Medium of Poetry. Fenollosa analyzed modern Chinese words back to older pictographs that minimized nouns. Instead, these pictographs, at one time, presented a view of reality that was far more dynamic and shifting, in which action was the main event. The subject and object were themselves of lesser importance, and were related to one another by their mutual participation in that action. "To be" verbs-is, are, am---were just dead ducks.’
VQdr+bE ���݊

We should 'get into this' on ex-Tuesday in the names of days of the week for the conversion of Axial Age rivals, namely Lao-TseDia, of Already, JesusAllTimes, Lao-Tse, Abraham, Greek Theater, History As God's Theater, Not Yet. See Rosenstock-Huessy's Forward Jesus, In Lao-tse, Back Abraham, , Out Greeks (?) in 'The Christian Future,' and Rushdoony comment in history as God's Theater in 'Politics of Guilt and Pity'. These follow the retuned conquering of 'Europe'--Sunday-Monday a 4152637 circle of fifths echoing Rev. 5:12-7:12's retuning at the Ascension pictured, but more remains, another reuning of the retuning to 8531642--K.O.LYmmm!!, and the churches in Revelation in 531642. And this is not the end, for there are only 3 or 4 more reunings until we cycle back to the beginning--but maybe it's Eliot's 'We shall not cease from exploring (wandering, I think ERH said) and the end of our exploring will be to end up where we started, and to know the place (I think 'topos' is pregnant here: CHH) for the first time'.
Love in King Jesus,
Charlie 'tongues' Hartman

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