Sunday, December 25, 2016

Dreams Christmas 2016

Dreams Christmas 2016
I was selling—two, three things. The third was the old, what do you sell, how can I sell it. Second was about furniture, but I don’t remember much. The key one was selling a whole house of furniture to people who were buying a house.  I made a profession of it. Put it on the mortgage, in one case--$200K for house, $200K for furniture.
Second was Mike Bull to speak/write in his 5s and 7s.  But wait, I do that in the Symphony (TSOCHI).  But wait, wait! For the Conductor’s not solo but sum, have conductor integrate all 12, plus 8531642m etc,m remembering that order of speaking/singing varies in metasongs: Joy to the World 87654321, then Sunday-Monday 4152637, then 8531642, then 123456789=10-11-12.
Note: JBJ wrote an essay (in ‘Sociology’?) in a spiral, coming back around and expanding. The universe was retuned (JBJ ‘Revelation’ commentary) to Sunday-Monday at Revelation 5:12-7:12. The Bible at Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact, New Torah is JBJ’s (‘Crisis, Opportunity…’).
This is not in one of those forms, but came to me between sleep and waking (Stirner said that’s when the dead speak to you, wasn’t it, I ask Dr. Bledsoe). ERH wrote in ‘Magna Carta Latina’ that all Latin verb forms are derived from a short imperative (ERH’s revolutionary sequence starts with Imperative, and flowers into Subjective, Narrative, Objective, Planetary Service—thus JBJ says ‘Commission’ is the end of the liturgy [but is it the beginning of culture? And thus, ‘Ite, Missa Est’ is wise in the Latin Roman Catholic rite?]).
I was wiser than I knew to name (vocative is half imperative) TSOCHI ‘the art form of the next era,’ as I come back around to  ‘Mike Bull to speak write in his 5s and 7s’. I was doing something like that, but now I’m self-conscious about it, and to fulfill this imperative commissioning will be difficult poetry writing, but I am named a ‘poiema’ (ERH, Eph. 2: 8-10). As Jesus, HE Who Reversed The Trend’ was the tribal chieftan who became a servant, the temple priest who became the sacrifice, the prophet who became the prophesied, and the poet who became the poem, I must respond, though I will be changed.
Incarnate, do 153Culture in ‘371’—and all Five.

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