Saturday, December 3, 2016

Christian Court 3.0

Christian Court 3.0 In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Both Creveld (look up 'the Rise and Decline of the State' at Mises,com) and Barzun ('From Dawn to Decadence') see lack of justice as one reason 'the state' (Creveld, organization replacing person) as ending.  What will be birthed from the church this time?

1.0 was the idea of having a Judge Judy-like, or Peoples Court-like TV show, with a Christian judge with his Bible open. Lori Harlow started this well with a making whole situation remedy, in which a teen robs a store of $1000, an Elder in a church pays, let's say, $4000 to make the robbed whole, the Elder hires the robber for the Elder's body shop, pays the $4000 back from wages, and when a suitable time is done, sets up the teen in his own shop.  That's just one example. The congregation would learn, as well as society.

2.0 would be 'How Should We then Pray?'  Taking 'Thy Will Be Done' as the start (and end, orf course), we fill in the blanks in time with specific prayers.  The babushkas (old women) in the USSR would be an example, but here we'r talking of corporate pray, preferably singing, in corporate worship on the Lord's Day.
Get everyone involved.

3.0 would be the whole gamma to ut, the whole gamut, including historical situations, Biblical ones (wad David punished for adultery?), how to talk to organized crime (20% of world economic product, per 'McMafia--and remember, in the opening scene of 'Godfather I' the Don would not do murder, for the funeral director's daughter was still alive).  This would be both in an historical time line (diachronic) and now (synchronic).Teaching would be a bonus.

And this could pay for itself.And more. I'm thinking a minimally-expensive smart phone video (see North for a good camera) and lapel mikes. A website could solicit volunteer videos from other churches. YouTube channel ad revenues.  Janet Switzer had a list of 52 additional revenue sources, and I'm sure ther are more now.  On it, Levinson of 'Guerrilla Marketing' says he made $20,ooo on the book and millions on these other ways.

You don't need me, but I'd invest some money for a percentage.

And I DID come up with these, to start!

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'I must respond though I will be changed': ERH' Hartman

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